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Another reason why Fisher House is amazing and you should consider donating to them…

All of my other Fisher House posts have been relatively light-hearted with a theme of, “Hey! They help military families! They donate houses to military hospitals! Donate to them! They are awesome!” but this one is taking on a more somber tone. Fisher House continues to amaze me. Not only do they provide houses for military families who need a place to stay while their wounded soldier is injured, they announced yesterday that they will pay the death benefits of fallen soldiers while the government is shut down. Additionally, they are footing the bill to fly families of the fallen to Dover AFB to bring those fallen soldiers home. I can’t think of a more dignified and poignant way to show respect for those we have lost to war than to help their families bring them home and lay them to rest.

Whenever I read stories of those whom Fisher House has helped, I simultaneously get a tear in my eye, and my heart is warmed. What a fantastic organization – one that I am so proud to be a part of! I love them so much that whether or not I have a future race slot for military races like MCM or Army 10-miler, I will continue raising funds for them.

If you have not already, now is the perfect time to donate to my Marine Corps Marathon Fisher House campaign. At this point, there is no better way to honor our fallen soldiers and their families. One of the best parts of donating to Fisher House is the fact that they are an A+ rated charity, which means that you know your money is actually going directly to the cause.

Here is the video of Fisher House founder & CEO, Ken Fisher, on CNN today:



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