Parkway Classic 10-Miler recap {4/13/14}

We had a really beautiful day for the 30th anniversary running of the Parkway Classic 10-Miler! Not quite as nice as last week’s Cherry Blossom 10-Miler (just because yesterday was a little too warm), but beautiful nonetheless. The perk of the weather was that it was completely unnecessary to layer for the wait at the start line.

Speaking of the start line, that was the only aspect of the race that left something to be desired. Last year’s start was flawlessly executed, and usually Pacers is so on top of their race game, but it was a bit wonky yesterday. This race is point-to-point starting at Mount Vernon, so racers had to be bused to the start line. Buses apparently ran late (we got there early), and a huge chunk of them arrived 5 minutes before the race was supposed to start. This delayed the start of the race by a few minutes which, in my mind, is not a big deal. However, because the buses were pulling into (and therefore blocking) the starting corrals, there were a good chunk of runners outside the corrals waiting for the buses to get through. Other runners were just cutting right in front of the buses and preventing their departure, and in retrospect, maybe that should have been what we did, too, but we were trying to be patient! We thought, “well, the race is already starting late, so they will DEFINITELY let all runners into the corrals before starting, right?” Wrong. They started the race abruptly and all of us on the outside were like, “uh, what?” and then came the mad dash to get into the corral. This resulted in us being in the 11-11:59 min/mile corral instead of the 8-8:59 min/mile corral (huge difference!), and definitely cost us some time in the first mile.

Anyway, the rest of the race was gorgeous, with a good chunk of it running right along the Potomac River. So pretty! There were tons of rolling hills which offered a little bit of a challenge, but they were totally manageable. The course flattened out around mile 6 and stayed pretty flat until miles 8-9. I think the biggest hills came in 8-9, actually. We ran a pretty strong, steady race, and we even negative split! I rarely do that, so that is an accomplishment. We also ran the last mile at 8:11, which was our fastest pace of the day – that is an accomplishment in itself! 

It started getting really warm in the last half of the race, and there wasn’t much shade cover. We haven’t trained for warm-weather runs yet, and this reminded me of the unpleasantness of summer marathon training. Blech. I ended up with some color on my face after this run!

Despite all of the weird hiccups (wonky start line, crazy heat, some hills), we finished in 1:28. Not a PR, but still a strong race! I was telling my running buddy, Danny, that I feel more unprepared this spring than last year (I got in way more training mileage last year!), so I would be happy to just finish strong, and I think we did!

photo (3)


Next up for me is Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon (my current PR half marathon of just under 1:55) on Apr 27, which has been my “goal race” all season. The initial goal was to PR, but I’m not sure what my goal is now that I am farther into the training cycle. Maybe it will be just to run sub-2, maybe it will still be to PR…who knows!



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5 responses to “Parkway Classic 10-Miler recap {4/13/14}

  1. Great job!! Happy Monday!! XOXO!!

  2. Nice recap. I ran the 5K and wondered how the bus delay was effecting the more serious runners in the 10Miler.

  3. Amy

    Sounds like you’re definitely having more fun on your races! That craziness at the start would have stressed me out, I’m glad it didn’t throw you off too much.

  4. Have a great race on Sunday!

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