Wedding fun and the plague that followed

This is such an overdue post, but I am finally back in the land of the living after about 2 weeks of being so sick. I had a feeling that I would be slammed with something post-marathon, but at least it waited 2 weeks before actually hitting me. I finally gave up and went to the doctor last Thursday and it turns out I have bronchitis! Ick – at least I have a diagnosable reason for feeling so terribly, and it did make me feel better about the 12K performance – I can’t really be mad at myself for having a bad race WITH BRONCHITIS! Today is my last day of antibiotics and I already feel a million times better (and, according to Brian, I don’t sound like “walking death” anymore!).

Anyway, this plague was nicknamed the “wedding plague” because we attended a wedding of two good friends in Charlottesville on 11/9, and so many people came out of that epic weekend with some sort of illness – we all blame it on the tequila! Illness aside, this wedding was amazing. Two of our very good friends tied the knot in a place that we love dearly (Charlottesville, of course), so all of my old college friends had a good reason to reunite at our beloved alma mater. Brian was a groomsman, I did a reading, and the girls were flower girls. They absolutely reveled in the attention and did such a great job being adorable. Caroline was touch-and-go for a minute before walking down the aisle, but as soon as Audrey walked down and I said, “Go get Audrey and run to Daddy!” she was all about doing a giggling run/waddle down the aisle. all while flirting with everyone along the way.

It was so much fun to be part of a wedding where we knew both the bride and the groom well (I’ve known Maria for 11 years!), and where we knew about 75% of wedding guests…it almost felt like my own wedding! Everywhere I turned, there were people I needed to say hi to, dance with, share a drink with, etc. Even the new people we met were amazing and now it feels like we’ve known them forever, too. That is the beauty of the wedding of two fantastic people – it means everyone they love is also fantastic and you come out with so many new friends! You could feel the love radiating throughout the entire day – we are so happy the bride & groom met (at a party at our house!), dated, and finally made it official!

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