Post-marathon life stuff.

Oh man, I feel like I have been in such a fitness funk since MCM. I took almost the whole week off from running afterwards to let myself “rest” (aka: do and eat whatever I felt like), and now I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. I ran 2 easy miles the Saturday after MCM, and then a little under 5 miles this past Tuesday morning, but nothing other than that. Saturday’s run felt hard (but it was on the treadmill and I think I was just not into it mentally) and Tuesday’s run felt awesome but left me with a little bit of residual ankle soreness which prevented a Wednesday morning run. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay to be easy on my body, especially since my racing season is essentially over. I have a 12K, 10K, 8K, and 4 miler still on the schedule before 2014 hits, but those are all fun, no-pressure races.

There has also been a major life routine change since MCM which hasn’t helped my running routine, but it is a GREAT change! Now that C is two, she is FINALLY at the same preschool as Audrey instead of 40 minutes away near B’s work. She is adjusting SO well & is so happy; I am thankful for an almost seamless transition! This came at the best time possible because B is switching locations in December, and her old daycare would not be on his way home anymore. It’s also way more convenient for those days when Brian is not around and I have to pick up both girls. I never have to go through the days of driving 80 total minutes out of my way to drop off and pick up babies anymore! Hooray!

Ironically, though, having both girls with me at the end of the day leads to less productivity time. I would use the 30-45 minute time between when Audrey and I got home and when B and Caroline got home to a) cook dinner, b) get in a quick treadmill run if I didn’t get one in earlier while Audrey plays or watches a movie next to me, or c) run errands…now I don’t get that time because they are constantly, um, needing me, bickering, running around the house like crazies, etc. This change also means Brian gets home earlier, though, so that’s awesome! But, as I mentioned, it’s cut out a significant chunk of potential running time, so I am still adjusting to that and trying to work in the time, especially now that it’s getting dark so early.

Anywayyyy, usually after big races, I have this tendency to over-analyze everything and constantly think of what I could have done better. I am not really going to do this for MCM, though, because I don’t know that we could have run a better race. The one thing I wonder about is what our official time would have been if we didn’t have a bathroom stop, but that is more curiosity than anything else. I also have this huge desire to run the Richmond Marathon in two weeks (hey, I’m already trained, ha ha), but B has basically said, “NO WAY, not supporting this one, you need to take it easy!” and he is probably right. Oh well – I’ll plan for MCM and Richmond next year!

Here are some of the professional photos & photos taken by Fisher House that have popped up since marathon day.


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