Phew – for a while there, the possibility existed that Marine Corps Marathon would be cancelled because of the government shutdown. The idea of that, quite simply, made me want to cry. I couldn’t imagine going through 4+ months of sacrifice and training just to have nothing to show for it. The marathon and fundraising journey, though, has been eye-opening for me in ways that have nothing to do with running or pace.

​My friend, Samantha, has been posting all month about the idea of Gratitude. Reading her posts always helps me reflect on my own life, and since my brain is almost 100% focused on everything marathon-related these days, I have been relating her posts to the past four or so months of my life. As with anything of this nature, I feel like I have been pleasantly shocked/surprised by how many people (and some I would have never expected!) have reached out to offer all kinds of support. Of course, there is always that down side where you may expect support from someone but never receive it, and that has happened along this journey as well. However, I’m choosing to focus on the positives – all the people who HAVE supported me, and one of Samantha’s posts was the inspiration to shift my focus​. This post was all about letting go of those things that are no longer serving us or that may be one-sided, and it really spoke to me. It helped me see that I should focus on what and who I DO have. I need to stop focusing on what relationships I wish I had but, regardless of effort on my part, just aren’t materializing. We all have relationships like this, and it’s so easy to focus on who doesn’t support you that it’s sometimes easy to forget just how many people are there for you! Learning to let it go and let it be is like a burden off my back.

Instead, I will focus on an amazing husband who has been such a great support system for me over the last four months. He’s listened to non-stop pace and race analysis, picked up the slack with the girls on weekend mornings, been there to cheer me on, and to encourage me when I had doubts. And I will also focus on all of the people who have reached out to offer support in the form of an encouraging word, trading marathon battle stories, offering advice, or generously donating to Fisher House. There are so many of them! Everyone from ex-boyfriends to coworkers to long-lost friends. I am also so grateful to be part of an amazingly supportive Fisher House cause and team…did you know they personally called me after my NBC Washington appearance on Tuesday night? They have made all of us fundraisers feel so appreciated, and I was so happy to hear their uplifting words after stepping so far out of my comfort zone with that piece.  Speaking of Fisher House, I have had to keep moving up my fundraising goal because of the amazing generosity of everyone! I remember when my goal was $100, then $500…now it is up to $2000 and hopefully we can push it past that!

AND, last but certainly not least, I will be grateful that MCM is SO on!

photo courtesy of Marine Corps Marathon

photo courtesy of Marine Corps Marathon

PS: if you would still like to donate to my Fisher House MCM campaign, donations are being accepted through this Sunday, 5pm!



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5 responses to “Gratitude

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  2. Fabulous post! Have fun out there!

  3. Lindsey

    You keep it up Liz! Cheers &I props from the Moylan family. My B has been bragging about your progress & likes hearing your updates.

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