One month until RACE DAY!

Today marks exactly one month until Marine Corps Marathon. Training has been going fine, though I did end up missing my 13-miler this past weekend because of a sick baby. Luckily it was a lower-mileage long run and the only long one I’ve skipped this training cycle, so not a big deal.

Honestly, at the beginning of September I was so, so, so stressed with training (and life), but ever since getting the first 20-miler out of the way, I have felt so relaxed! It almost seems unnatural to feel this calm…part of me thinks I should be freaking out/stressed out right now! There is only one more week of training left (and two long runs) before taper time. I cannot believe that we start to taper in a little over a week – finishing up training is an accomplishment in itself, and at this point, we’ve already put in 95% of the work and now we just wait…

This weekend’s long run is 12-miler, which Danny & I plan on accomplishing by participating in Pacers’ Clarendon 5K & 10K and adding 3 extra miles. The 5k starts at 8am and the finish for that is 1.3 miles from the start line of the 9:05am 10K, so we’ll be running from the finish line of one to the start line of the other (plus some extra miles tacked on), and then completing the last 6 miles of our 12 miles through the 10K. Whew! Next weekend’s long run is supposed to be 20 miles, so to hit that mileage, Danny and I are doing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon (which is a point-to-point race starting at Mt Vernon & finishing at National Harbor), and then running back from the finish line at National Harbor to our cars in Alexandria. Each of these long runs seems totally do-able, partly because they are sort of “broken up” into segments, and also because we are not seeing a “new” distance anymore until October 27!

Speaking of Marine Corps Marathon, please consider donating to my Fisher House campaign! Need a reason why? What about this? Or this giveaway? And if you’re the type to be influenced by celebrities, the British Royal Family loves Fisher House, and so do these celebrity supporters, including Kevin Bacon (see below!).

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