Unknown poignancy

Yesterday we found out that someone in our lives lost her mother in the Navy Yard shooting. It is someone who is influential in Audrey’s life, and we are so heartbroken for her, her family, & the families of all the victims. I have shed tears for her (and still tear up if I allow myself to dwell on it for a while) and simply cannot fathom what she is going through. A part of me is also so sad that Audrey and the other children she influences are indirectly affected by a national tragedy because of the way it directly & horrifically affects someone they love. It reminds me that we cannot protect our young, innocent babies from tragedy & sadness for the rest of their lives, and it makes me dread the day when they are old enough to understand things like this.

On the car ride home after I heard the news, Audrey randomly requested that I sing “America, The Beautiful” (one of her new favorite songs, but she cannot sing it herself because she doesn’t know all of the words)…my voice cracked as I sang it for her, and all I could think about was how children can be so unknowingly poignant.

Audrey's class made this for 9/11, but it is so applicable now, too.

Audrey’s class made this for 9/11, but it is so applicable now, too.



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2 responses to “Unknown poignancy

  1. Lindsey

    It’s such a small world really. Shows how muchI we havea to take carea of each other. I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. Rebecca

    So sorry to hear this! I teared up reading your post, and then got serious chills looking at the project that Audrey’s class made! How beautiful!

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