Our original Busy Bee is 4!

I think the underlying sentiment that Brian and I have surrounding Audrey is “we are not ready.” We weren’t ready when we were told that we’d meet her two and a half weeks earlier than expected (though after that tough labor, I was definitely ready for her to be born!), and we are not ready for her to grow out of babyhood and into childhood (though I think that ship sailed a while ago).

Even though four years is a relatively short time, it seems like Audrey has been with us forever (but in the very best way possible). Neither of us can remember life being this good before she graced us with her presence; she is such a blessing – even with her Jekyll & Hyde qualities! Happy Birthday to our little Audrey Bee who was “born on Tana” but is “Audrey from Virginia” and who appreciates both the sparkly things in life & playing in the dirt!

From this:


September 12, 2009

To this:


1 year old

To this:

Audrey 2

2 years old

To this:

Audrey 5

3 years old

To today:

4th birthday

4th birthday

We are so lucky.



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2 responses to “Our original Busy Bee is 4!

  1. Lindsey

    Happy Birthday Audrey Bee!

  2. Rebecca

    Happy Birthday to a special girl!

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