Training update Thursday

I meant to do a Workout Wednesday post, I really did, but life got in the way so this is my makeshift version – there is still some alliteration, so it counts, right?!  I keep meaning to so many things lately and never actually accomplish them because there are a million other things that need to be finished. There are a lot of training updates since the last time, though, and I do want to record them for my own benefit.

This past weekend was a 17 mile training run, and it was rough. Danny and I met at South Run and planned on running the South Run trail, around Burke Lake a few times, and then back. The weather was so humid; luckily the trail was shaded otherwise it might have been worse. This run was rough for me, I’m not going to lie. I did perfectly fine during the 15 mile run (I think pace was 9:40 min/mile overall? Something like that), but this was awful! Mentally, I’m not sure I was there. Lots of factors probably contributed, but my calves were so tired, my stomach was starting to act up later in the run, we were getting pushed off the trail by people at times, etc. We did fine through mile 12 or 13 and then we started interspersing some walking, whether it was because I was tired or we walked during water breaks, or we walked off-trail (along lots of roots) to hit the water fountain, etc. Our pace for the first twelve miles was respectable enough, especially on a trail (in the 10 min/mile range even though it felt like we were going much faster!), but it slowed down after we started walking a bit. Once we hit mile 17, we walked the last mile (training only called for 17 miles) but didn’t stop our watches, so that added significant time. I think we hit 17 around 3:07. Thank goodness my drive from South Run back home was like, 2 minutes, because I ended up throwing up almost immediately…runner’s rite of passage?

I was disappointed in the run, and it made me second-guess my marathon goal. It’s hard to shake off a bad run (and yet so easy to forget about good runs!), and those runs make you question everything! If I couldn’t run 17 miles in a way that I was proud of, how can I possibly run 26.2? I’m trying to forget about it and move forward; everyone has bad long runs and tons of factors go into it, so I’ll learn and move forward. It’s better to get the bad runs out of the way now rather than on marathon day, right?!

Luckily, yesterday I had a great longer run – I did 8.27 miles at 8:39 pace. It was a much-needed confidence booster! Fastest split was 8:16, slowest was 8:48. I felt great, too – it was challenging enough but completely do-able. I wasn’t going all out and I never felt like I was about to die. I really needed that because I have been stressed this week and completely doubting myself and my ability to juggle everything over the next month. I feel myself going into isolation mode, where I will probably remain for the next month, so if I’m MIA, that’s why. I only have enough energy to focus on family, work, grad school, and training…past that, I am drained!

Also, as an added stressor, the treadmill decided to break this week. We had predicted that its day would come sooner rather than later, but oh, to come right as training and classes are amping up was not a welcome surprise. Sometimes 5am is literally the only time I have to get in a run, and those can only be on the treadmill because it’s so dark out. That means we are now in the market for a treadmill and will hopefully find one this weekend. B is gone next week, so it’s even more imperative that I have the treadmill option available again as soon as possible!  Always an adventure…I keep telling myself that these are the sorts of obstacles that marathon runners have to overcome & it’s just part of becoming a stronger runner/competitor 😉


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One response to “Training update Thursday

  1. While I definitely understand the feeling of a disappointing run…you ran 17 miles! 17 MILES! That’s insane…think about how far you have come. You are doing something some only dream of, or maybe the dont even do that because the idea seems so far fetched. You’re doing awesome! Getting excited for your marathon!!

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