Marriage by numbers

5 years ago today, this happened:


Since then, we have created two new lives

Kept them alive (!!) and watched them grow


 Adopted two crazy dogs


Lived in three different houses in two states

Constantly kept each other on the run (literally & figuratively)

Given each other support when needed


Made it through 1.5 graduate degrees together (and counting!)

Had countless amounts of fun together

But also lots of sleepless & stressful days and nights

And spent quite a few Air Force-induced nights/weeks/months separated and waiting to be reunited


But the bottom line is…

All of the numbers associated with our five years can in no way quantify how much I love the life we have built together.


August, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary, B! I love you!



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One response to “Marriage by numbers

  1. I love this!!! Such a great way to sum up your past 5 years together. Hope your anniversary was awesome!

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