Anxious, anxious

Today marks the first day of classes here & instead of feeling excited for the students to be back and for a new beginning, I almost find myself dreading it. Usually the excitement that surrounds the start of a new school year is contagious, but this year I find myself a little anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure of what the next few months hold. When I look at the calendar, it seems like there are way too many things to accomplish in way too little time. Usually I am pretty gung-ho about new semesters but this is definitely the exception so far. I just need to re-frame everything and go one day/week at a time rather than looking at the big picture all at once.

This semester I am only taking one class because I was nervous about how training and classes would interfere with each other. I’d rather make it through the semester with my sanity intact (obviously) than make it through with the three additional credits a second class would bring. I’m sure the girls & B wholeheartedly agree with that statement! Still, though, the class I am taking is probably one of the hardest (if not the hardest) in the program, so I still feel a little apprehensive going into it. In addition to class and races/training really amping up, we have two little girls’ birthdays this fall, a daycare-to-preschool transition in October, B traveling, etc. Sometimes I doubt my ability to successfully juggle all of these things! One day at a time, one day at a time…

In more exciting news, my pace buddy Danny has found a bib for MCM! He hadn’t originally planned on running it, but since he is running a 20-miler with me in September, he’s been keeping up with the mileage, so why not? I kept asking if he was sure he didn’t want to run the marathon itself and this weekend we found him a bib! Hooray! It will be nice to have company on the course.

I had a lower mileage week on the training schedule this week, and I had an interesting 11-miler yesterday. I ran from our house, down South Run trail, and around Burke Lake. The total mileage is just under 13 miles, but I stopped at mile 11 to have breakfast at Starbucks with B and the girls before driving that last mile or so home. The day was gorgeous and there were enough runners on the trail to not feel isolated, but not enough to make you feel claustrophobic (we took the girls to the park later that day to ride the train, and at that point, the trail was packed!). However, I ended up losing the trail completely about three quarters of the way through the trail (right when it starts to get populated with piers, picnic shelters, playgrounds, etc). I ended up off-trail, running/tripping on a bunch of roots, texting Brian in a panic, etc. Really, though, the great thing about a trail around a lake is that you just keep following the lake and eventually you’ll be un-lost. Panic was probably not a necessary reaction, ha ha.

I felt GREAT during the run itself, though! I decided to pre-emptively fuel every 3-4 miles rather than just at the halfway point or when I got tired, and that really seemed to help. While running the South Run trail headed back home, I was surprised at how much easier it felt than last week. Amazing how different factors can impact work-outs! I was happy with my pace, too, especially since a lot was trail running/”I’m lost!” wandering. When you look at the splits, you can totally see when I was on the trail versus when I wasn’t; at least my trail paces stayed consistent, too! Overall, I was happy with the 9:29 pace for all of it.

Mile 1-2 9:05

Mile 3-4 9:21

Mile 5-6 10:13

Mile 7-8 10:18

Mile 9-10 8:45

Mile 11 8:58

Next week’s long run starts what I consider to be the crazy long run mileage. 17 miles!

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