Workout Wednesday & THANK YOU {7/10/13}

So from here until October, all of my WW posts are going to be about training…sorry! Can’t do much about that when my entire workout routine (minus one yoga/strength day) is running. Plus, it will be fun for me to document my training efforts and then look back on them later!

Numbers-wise, my mileage last week (Sun-Sat) hit 29; training called for 24, so it feels good to have gotten an extra 5 miles in without really altering my running schedule or efforts. Eaaaaaasing on into training! This week’s training mileage is supposed to be 25 miles and I’m currently at 19 so hitting 25 should be a piece of cake.

My biggest concern at this point is what the heck I am going to do when long runs get longer! DC is so hot and humid during the summer that by the time I head back home from the runs I’m doing now, my clothing is already drenched. I cannot imagine going another 10 miles like that! What does everyone else do? Stop home and change clothing halfway through (if home is along your route)? Run naked (only half kidding)? I also think I’ll need to re-fill my hydration belt halfway through some of those longer runs. I need advice! Someone tell me all the answers! SOLVE MY PROBLEMS FOR ME!

On Sunday I’ll be running my first 5K race since February (where I PRed with a time of 25:37 (8:15 min/mile)), and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little pressure to PR now. Obviously weather conditions are going to be way different than February ( 😦 ) but I’m also in a much different place training-wise than I was back then, so I don’t really know what to expect. I feel like I am also much more cautious about pace these days because a) now I am used to pacing myself for longer runs, not short all-out races and b) I need to focus on the bigger race picture, and that does not involve getting injured! I’m running it with my friend, Danny, and we’ll probably solidify our goals the morning of, but I can’t help feeling nervous now! At least there will be ice cream at the finish, right? Too bad my little minions will confiscate it from me immediately (just like they do with my post-race bananas).

On an exciting note, I reached my first Fisher House fundraising goal this morning! What an exciting email to wake up to, especially since I was awake at 5am for a run! It definitely perked me up. I hope I have adequately expressed my gratitude for those who are donating to the cause; your support means so much to me and to military families. I know have said it before, but all of you are truly such an inspiration to me, and you help motivate me to keep going (yes, I do think about you all during training runs).

I have two specific inspirational donors that I want to mention right now. One of the people who donated is my friend, Lauren, who just ran her first competitive 5K last week and won her age group with a time of 24:13. Maybe on Sunday I should follow the advice I gave her before her 5K and “run so that you feel like you are dying when you cross the finish!” Ha. It is so impressive that she was able to lay it all out there and give it her all like that. She just picked up running 6 or so months ago, so seeing her race a super successful first competitive race (with, uh, sub-8 min/miles!) is awesome! She is training for her first half marathon this fall, so I can’t wait to follow that journey!

Another huge, huge, huge inspiration is my friend, Karen, who is currently training for an Olympic-distance triathlon in August. How incredible! I personally think she is crazy (open-water swims in the Pacific? No thanks!), but so awe-inspiring. It will be such an accomplishment for her when she finishes, and I really can’t wait to live vicariously through her. At this point, I can safely say that a triathlon is not anywhere on my radar, and I can’t imagine it ever will be, so I have so much respect for those who do them.

I can’t help but feel solidarity with all of the people who have donated, and in a special way with those who have donated and are training for their own goals. Bottom line: thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will leave you with a KEVIN BACON Fisher House video. Everyone loves Kevin Bacon, and Kevin Bacon loves Fisher House, so therefore everyone should love Fisher House! I am not a mathematics expert, but isn’t there some logic rule like that that we learned in high school? 😉 Enjoy!



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5 responses to “Workout Wednesday & THANK YOU {7/10/13}

  1. I really just love this whole post and feel honored to be included in it. So thank you. I can’t wait to watch your training unfold…I feel like I need to fly out for the big day and come cheer you on lol. Keep up the great work in this heat!! And run until you feel like you’re dying Sunday is right bwhaha :::no pressure:::. You’ll kick butt!!

    • Haha, no pressure except the pressure I put on myself (which is the strongest kind, right?!). I would love for you to come out but will settle on planning our own half marathon/marathon running experience…just not at 7:48 min/mile pace (omg, we’d die).

    • Ahhhh yes Lauren we totally should come out and cheer Liz on! Orrr we should just sign up for a race (NOT MARATHON lol) next year all together!
      Liz, have you tried running in just a sports bra (and shorts/skirt obviously)? I used to judge those sports bra hoochies but maybe they are onto something… 😉

  2. Lindsey

    Brandon has been leaving a shirt and water at the end of our driveway. He loops back before running the other direction on our road. Don’t know if thay will work for you. Keep up the good work!

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