Fourth of July weekend recap {7/8/13}

This long weekend was so, so needed. I am getting burned out on life these days, so it was refreshing to have four whole days to spend with relatively nothing to do. I told B that it felt like we actually got a real weekend because after accomplishing the standard errands & to-do’s that come with normal weekends (shopping, cleaning, laundry), we still had two more days to actually relax.

We started off the 4th of July with an early (and hot & humid) run for me, followed by a homemade breakfast of pancakes & eggs (and a smoothie for me!), and lots of play-time. We went to a friend’s house for a party, and everyone had a great time. Caroline scarfed down all the food she was offered, including two helpings of sauteed kale. That’s my girl! We ended up putting the girls down a little later than normal, but still not late enough to see the big fireworks. I am not brave enough to keep them out that late…we would definitely pay for it the next day. Our neighbors were setting off some fireworks in the street, though, so we let Audrey watch about 5 minutes of it. She loved them, and is obsessed with watching YouTube videos of fireworks now.

We also bought a decently-sized inflatable pool this weekend and that’s been the highlight of our time off. The girls just love it! I’m glad it gives us another option for outside play this summer since as we all know, DC summers are not fun. Speaking of outdoor play, Audrey decided she would try to be helpful today and would put “sunscreen” on her and Caroline without anyone knowing…except that it wasn’t sunscreen, it was VASELINE and Caroline looked like a little greased pig. We put powder in her hair in hopes of soaking up the Vaseline, but it still took 3 shampoo efforts before her hair came close to being clean. Oh, preschoolers – always an adventure.

My parents came up for a day this weekend and of course the girls loved spending time with them. Anyone to give them a break from mom & dad! 😉



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3 responses to “Fourth of July weekend recap {7/8/13}

  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the 4th! Fun with a side of relaxation! 🙂 That blow up pool looks awesome!!

    • Lauren, $25 at Target! The only “sad” thing is that our backyard is too sloped to put it there (our swingset is taking up the only flat area!) so we have to put it in the front and then dismantle every night!

  2. LOVE the anchor shirt of course!!! I’m glad you guys got a nice weekend. Best feeling in the world is after you feel like it should be Sunday but the weekend is still going!

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