Workout Wednesday {7/2/13}

Let me just start out by saying, “thank goodness it’s a holiday week!” I am ready for a BREAK (even though my four-day weekend will be full of kids’ birthday parties, parents visiting, paper-writing, training, and trying not to die of heat stroke). I wanted to join almost every runner I know in running some sort of Fourth of July race, but when I brought it up, I basically got the death glare from Brian. I have to give him credit, though – he is such a good sport when it comes to my races and having to watch the girls (no easy feat)! If he asks me to skip one so we can all relax during our time off, how can I say no?

Second official week of training is going well. It’s hard to feel like I am in training at this point because my normal weekly mileage hasn’t changed (it’s actually gone down a little!). I know change is coming, though, so for now I will just enjoy these “easy” weeks! My schedule currently looks like this, and will look like this through October (mileage will vary, obviously):

Monday – cross train

Tues – run

Wed –  run

Thurs – run

Fri – rest

Saturday – race pace run

Sunday – long run

Until class ends in two weeks, I am taking some liberties with this schedule. This week, Monday was my rest day (bc I have class on Mondays & it’s hard to get cross-training in on these days) and Friday will be my cross-training day. Also, my run mileage for Tues – Thurs is supposed to be 3, 5, 3,  but I hate just running 3 miles, so I’ve increased those to 4.5 mile runs this week, and instead of running 5 miles today (Wednesday), I will do it tomorrow morning. It gets tricky trying to fit in runs during the lunch hour so I figured I’d do my 5 tomorrow when I don’t have time constraints and can go a little further if I want.

This is a whole lot of talking to basically say that I am being flexible in my weekday schedule, and sort of anticipate that I’ll continue being flexible throughout training, but will stay firm on the weekend running plans. This weekend is supposed to be a scorcher (pushing 100!), so I have to embrace the early morning wake-ups. It’s fine – I am actually a morning person, but sometimes it’s nice to wake up and not have to change out of pj’s right away! This heat, though – it is killer! I just have to hope by putting in the mileage this summer, I will see the pace rewards come fall when I can actually breathe again.

On my walk back to the office after my lunch run today, I was thinking about how, at this time last year, running 3 miles was daunting to me. I thought about how my first (well, second, but first since I started actually running) competitive 5K was on Sunday, Oct 28, 2012, and how my first  marathon will be on Sunday, Oct 27, 2013…exactly a year after my first 5k. What a difference, and what a fun marker for how far I’ve come! If you had asked me last year whether or not I’d ever run a marathon, I would have answered with a definitive “no!” Obviously, it’s a different story now. A year after I “took up” running and I have completed 3 5ks, 2 four-milers, 2 8k’s, 2 ten-milers, and 4 HALF MARATHONS (not to mention everything that’s on my summer & fall schedule!) It’s just sort of crazy to think about, and whenever I start to doubt myself (which I’m sure will happen frequently during marathon training), I need to remember that.

On a random, non-fitness related note, I have been getting some really positive feedback on my Master’s work lately, and it’s so good to hear. It makes me feel like maybe I am doing okay at balancing everything that I’ve put on my plate…well, until the next thing inevitably happens that makes me feel like I am NOT doing things well! It’s only a matter of time before that feeling resurfaces! It’s like a roller-coaster…

Happy 4th of July! This holiday, I will be thinking about my MCM cause, Fisher House, and feeling extra patriotic. Please consider donating to their amazing charity (and helping my fundraising out in the process :))!


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