A Pirate Party!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday and I’m just now getting the chance to post a weekend re-cap. This is indicative of our current life, I guess! It’s funny because I feel so busy, but at the same time, I feel so boring because life is pretty much status quo. Even though we have so much going on, I have no awesome stories to tell about it…with the exception of pirate bridal shower stories!

My good friend from college, Maria, is getting married soon to one of Brian’s good friends from work (they met at one of our parties!). She has an intense love for Johnny Depp, and her mom & sister planned an awesome pirate-themed bridal shower on a boat that left from Occoquan & contained a ridiculously accurate Johnny Depp impersonator. Since Audrey & Caroline are flower girls, I let Audrey come along, and she had a blast! She asks every day when “Miss Maria” is going to have another party on a boat with a pirate and is also very adamant that this pirate needs to come to our house to watch princess movies with her. She was enamored with him, and had no qualms about walking up to him and carrying on multiple conversations! It was also nice to see other college friends who came in from out of town, like Annie, but we missed those who couldn’t make it. I can’t wait for bachelorette party fun, and this time, Audrey stays at home!

Caroline is getting so good at talking…seriously, I cannot believe it. She speaks in three-word phrases, imitates everything we say, & is just so expressive. I love it! She calls her beaded necklaces “her pretty,” so she’ll do adorable things like walk around the house saying “Where my pretty?” She also cheers for herself after she does anything she deems to be exciting; usually it’s in the form of her clapping & saying “YAYYYYY!” but this morning she climbed down the porch step all by herself and said, “I did it!” So cute. I will be so sad when she grows out of this adorable early language stage!

In other news, marathon training starts sooooooooooooooon. Good thing, too, because I have found it hard to motivate myself to run lately. I’ve just been so tired…it’s probably the combination of classes plus work, plus racing/training, plus babies all finally starting to hit me. I’ve been much better about getting out on runs this week than the last two weeks, so hopefully that phase is over. I think it’s tough when I have nothing immediate to work towards (aka: no impending longer races) & MCM training hasn’t started yet…no immediate incentive. Oh, and you know, it’s hot & humid, and I am in class multiple times a week, so there’s that. I did get my Fisher House shirt & hat in the mail, though – that’s a little bit of motivation! I will post pictures of it some other time.*

We may have some exciting career news coming soon (B-related), but nothing official yet! For now, enjoy our pirate pictures!

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*Err, just realized that if I wanted to do the 18-week training plan, training started this week! Good thing I have had decent mileage this week and will count it towards training, oops! I was on the fence between 16 & 18 week training, and decided 18 week training fit my needs/desires better but I guess I didn’t update my start date on the calendar! So…TRAINING STARTS NOW!



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6 responses to “A Pirate Party!

  1. I know what you mean about the early language phase! It sounds like Caroline and Oliver are in the same stage. It would be so cute to get them together and see if they would talk to each other!

    I can’t wait to hear more about your marathon training when it starts!

  2. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to see everyone soon? Nieces are such good entertainment! =)

  3. That pirate party looks like so much fun…what a cool idea!! I seriously can’t believe how much C talks already!!! I’m ready for Shane to get there because right now he is really frustrated by the few words he knows lol.

    • Brian’s mom has told us that his brother NEVER talked and that she attributes it to Brian always talking for him. I feel like 2nd babies are so interesting in how they develop language-wise, especially when it comes to girls vs. boys. Audrey has always been very, very vocal, and I feel like Caroline is as good as she is because she hears Audrey all the time AND she is in a classroom with older toddlers. I mean, Audrey is such an opinionated child that Caroline needs to assert herself somehow, right? 🙂

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