A Fisher House/Marine Corps Marathon Challenge & Giveaway!

Yesterday it was announced that Fisher House’s 61st house was accepted at the VA hospital in Houston. This means that every night, Fisher House can house 750 families of our wounded soldiers in a home within close proximity to their hospitalized loved one. And did I mention that they have houses around the world, not just around the country? Pretty awesome, and definitely a worthwhile cause. In case I didn’t mention this, either, Fisher House is a 4-star charity (the highest), which means that they exceed in outperforming other charities in the same cause. It’s nice to know that when you donate, your money will be used in an appropriate way.

In reflecting on my fundraising efforts for Fisher House, I have decided on a way to honor those who have donated to the cause, and hopefully this will also be inspiration for more people to donate! You know, in addition to the great cause itself…

I thought that a nice way to honor those generous enough to donate is to dedicate one mile of my run to each person/family who has donated. If I have lots of people donating, I might have to lower that amount to 1/2 a mile per person, but that would be a great problem to have! When marathon day rolls around in October, I plan on carrying a list detailing my 26 miles and to whom they are dedicated. During that mile, I will think about you and your family, pray for you, listen to whatever songs you want me to, etc. If you want to request a specific mile, please feel free. If you are curious as to who else will be sharing my thoughts & gratitude during my 26.2, please feel free to wander over to my Fisher House page (linked here, and located on the right toolbar).

Additionally, as a fun little thank you, I will give away some MCM swag after the race is over. I’ll do a random draw of those who have donated, and will send along some merchandise as a token of my own gratitude for your support of this cause and my journey. Right now I am thinking about this hat , but who knows what other fun items will be around on Marathon weekend!





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3 responses to “A Fisher House/Marine Corps Marathon Challenge & Giveaway!

  1. Donated! What a great idea about dedicating miles to each person. Ill have to request a fun song lol. Excited for you to kick your first marathon butt!

    • Thanks for your support!
      And, if I’m being honest, I think dedicating miles to people will help me in the long run (no pun intended), too, because it will offer a distraction. One of my best college friends donated, and requested mile 24 in honor of our college suite number (we were suitemates) and is going to provide a playlist for that mile…so fun! Can’t wait for other people’s input 🙂

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