Workout Wednesday aka Happy National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day! If you are like me, your Facebook & Twitter feeds are blowing up with reminders of what today is. I know many of us “pledged” our miles a long time ago (or so it seems), and hopefully we were all able to follow through!

I took two days off to recover from Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon, but was back at it yesterday and today. The weather was beautiful both days – very little humidity and cooler! Still in the 80s, but after this weekend, it feels amazing. I may have mentioned it before, but I have a gym/recreation membership through Mason so that if the urge strikes, I can get my miles in at lunchtime and still have a place to shower (well, & for cross-training purposes, but I’ve used it mostly as a place to shower lately). It’s so nice to get those miles in earlier in the day & be done with it, especially since I am in summer classes now. IĀ  know this will be impossible during the majority of the summer when it will just be too hot and humid to do anything outdoors, but for now, I will enjoy! I hope you get some happy miles in, too!

May’s total mileage count was 102 miles. I think January was the last time I actually broke 100, so it was sort of exciting to see that.Ā  I know those numbers are only going to start going up, up, up starting in July – yikes!


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One response to “Workout Wednesday aka Happy National Running Day!

  1. Wow you just keep getting better and better!! That’s a lot of miles!! Happy National Running Day friend!!!

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