The little things.

Audrey is 3 and a half, so of course that means she has some listening issues. In order to combat this, we decided to create a “behavior chart” for her (idea courtesy of my friend, Lauren). Audrey was so excited when we made this, and is even more excited to keep her sparkly heart clothespin in a smiley face section. If she does this, she gets a pom pom to put in a jar. Once the jar is full, she gets to pick a big treat of some sort. If, however, she is in the bottom frowny face section, she will lose a friend (stuffed animal) for the night. She is so nonchalant and point-blank when she tells us what happens if the sparkly heart gets to the bottom: “Then NO FRIENDS! (insert appropriate arm motions).” We have thought a lot about how to regulate this chart, and we have decided to always start the sparkly heart in a smiley section (rather than in the middle). That way, we start off the day giving her the benefit of the doubt, and she starts off feeling like she’s a good girl (because she is a good girl). Also, I can’t figure out how we’d explain to her why, even though she hasn’t done anything wrong, she would not be starting out at a smiley face. Maybe once she is a bit older we can work on making the chart more complex, but not now. The nice thing is that her school operates on a “smiley face, neutral face, sad face” daily behavioral scale, so she is pretty clear on the criteria already. As I mentioned, most of her issues stem from not listening and not any other more serious transgressions, so this chart is a perfect tool!

Switching gears – sometimes it is hard to appreciate the little things, but I have found myself being very aware of them this week. Maybe it’s the remnants of Memorial Day reflection causing this gratitude, but who knows. From appreciating my sweet husband for spending an entire evening on the Metro just to pick up my race packet, to appreciating every little weed/flower Audrey picks for me, to seeing how Caroline looks at Audrey with such adoration–these are the moments I’m loving. My favorite moment of the week was our spontaneous frolic through a summer rainstorm. The shoeless (and clothes-less in C’s case) girls and I ran up & down the driveway in the pouring rain, laughing & twirling the whole time, with Brian looking on from the porch. Oh, the joy on their faces was so priceless; they thought this was the best thing in the whole world! I know these are the moments they will treasure, moreso than any material presents we could give them. It’s also a moment I am treasuring! Days later, my heart is still so happy when I think about it.

Last but not least, I am creating a mini-me (in a princess dress, naturally)! This one loves putting on her “running headbands” and running around the house on her “big chase.”


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