The Color Run DC {and other weekend adventures}

This weekend was chock-full of activities and not much running. But that’s okay, right? It’s good to take a break sometimes, especially when you have such a busy weekend and two half marathons in the next two weeks.

We spent Friday night on campus because Audrey’s school was having a Book Fair party. It mainly involved dinner, playing, and buying books – self-explanatory, right? Clifford the Big Red Dog made an appearance at the last party back in September, so I assured her that he would be there again this time. Oops, totally wrong. Sorry, kid.

On Saturday, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon back on campus helping with graduation. However, the day started off with Brian taking Audrey to the gym and me taking Caroline to the farmer’s market for the first time this season. I love, love, love the farmer’s market, and am so happy it’s back! We (I) usually spend way too much there, but everything is so good & fresh that I can’t help it. This is something that Caroline and I enjoyed together all spring/summer last year since Audrey would always be at the gym, and I think the same will be true again this season. It’s much more fun now that Caroline is more interactive, and she loves trying all the fruit, bread, and cheese!

Sharing our bread at the farmer's market

Sharing our bread at the farmer’s market

On Saturday night, we taught Audrey how to play Go Fish, Disney Princess-style, of course. She was totally into it, and Brian and I had so much fun teaching her and seeing her excitement. She is already an expert at cutting the deck, so watch out, Vegas! Skipping a run to indulge in ice cream & card games with your favorite preschooler is a no-brainer.

Card shark

Card shark

On Sunday morning, we took the girls to The Color Run DC at National Harbor with a few of our good friends, followed by delicious brunch with plate-sized pancakes & a table-sized goldendoodle. We registered for this run waaaaay back in December, so it felt like it took forever to get here. The weather wasn’t supposed to be great and we were concerned about that, but in the end, it was fine. National Harbor is such a beautiful place to be and a great backdrop for an event like this (or any event). Audrey was so excited to run “a big chase” and was very intent on going “faster, faster, faster!” Since we had the girls and were in a group (and since it was such a relaxed run), we walked the whole thing. It was so much fun to go through all of the color stations, though we Wahoo girls had a particular fondness for orange. There was even a proposal on-stage at the end! So fun. Caroline was the funniest; she was so resigned to everything we were putting her through. She didn’t make a peep through the whole thing and kept her Caroline-esque stoic, unimpressed face the entire time until the end. She is so funny – totally unphased by things like this…or maybe she was just completely confused. Either way, the rest of us enjoyed it (and don’t let her fool you – so did Caroline!), though we are all still looking a bit smurf-like in some places! Totally worth it, though!

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