I think I have a problem

I guess this problem could be worse, but it seems like lately, I cannot turn down many races that come my way. I found out about the existence of the Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon today, and it was too hard to pass up! I think a big reason I want to do this is that it’s convenient (Alexandria!), cheaper than other halves I’ve done, and it’s on the long Memorial Day weekend. Oh, and there’s a playground being erected for it, so I  know Audrey & Caroline (and therefore Brian) will appreciate that. Also, I’d be doing a long run anyway, so why not? The summer race drought will start soon enough, so I should get all of these in before then, right?!

Maybe one reason this is a little nuts is that I’m also signed up for another half marathon on June 1, the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon. I was lucky to have found a bib after registration had sold out, and was really excited for it. After my April month of craziness, I started to re-think whether or not I wanted to deal with another race (mostly the logistics, as this one is out in Loudoun County), and even consulted a bunch of people to get their advice. In the end, though, I am planning on making it a super early morning and racing it because I think I would be sad if I missed it, especially since there is wine tasting at the halfway mark and at the end. Who can say no? And also, their medal is a wine stopper AND a wine opener. Would it be pathetic to say that this medal was a big incentive? Ha.

I don’t have many goals for these races, especially since VA Wine Half Marathon is a pretty hilly half. I feel like we’re at the point of the season where you just don’t know how hot it will be on race day, and that will have a definite impact on performance. I’ll probably just go into them with the relaxed mindset of a long run, but we’ll see how the races pan out. At this point, I just like having something to work towards, and since I won’t have many long races this summer, these two might be my last BIG ones until fall racing season!





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  1. Cheryl

    Great picture!!

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