Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a happy, happy weekend! We had a nice one in our house – first one in forever that did not involve some sort of race, so it felt like we had all the time in the world. Well, sort of. I am still finishing up classes, and this weekend’s main goal was to finish up a large case study. Luckily Brian is super helpful in keeping the girls occupied, so I was able to get a ton of it done Friday night and Saturday morning. Brian took the girls to a huge playdate on Saturday, so the house was actually quiet!

After being cooped up for 3-4 hours Saturday morning writing this analysis, I decided to go for a run during nap-time. This is the first time in weeks that I haven’t had a race, but I still felt like I needed to at least get 10 miles in. I guess out of habit at this point! I did get 10.5 in, but it was tough. Since I was going in the middle of the day, it was sort of warm. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, our neighborhood is SO hilly AND I got lost in an extra hilly part, which sounds ridiculous because who gets lost in their own neighborhood? Basically, when I go out to do 10 miles, I try to find new ways to get more distance in so I don’t get bored, and this time I got completely turned around.

I am also starting to try out nutrition options during longer runs (which I should have done long ago), in preparation for hot summer months and also for MCM. This time I tried Gu gel at mile 5, and ugh. It did nothing for me but make my stomach burn. I feel like I’ve heard that’s the case but then it’s supposed to “kick in;” however, it never kicked in for me, just made me feel awful. What’s everyone’s favorite way to hydrate during longer runs or races? I have a bunch of stuff to try, but am curious as to what everyone else likes! I also got a nice reminder that now that I am no longer covered up during runs, I need to remember the sunscreen!

This afternoon we went to the Potomac Nationals game with some of our good friends and their giant dog, Maverick. It was doggie day at the park, so there was no better day to skip naps and head to a baseball game. The girls are in love with dogs, and they were enthralled the entire time. Audrey even got to run the bases at the end, and I think she saw it as her own little race, just like mommy! She is FAST!


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