Workout Wednesday

Before delving too much into workouts accomplished this week, I feel like I need to touch on Boston. As a runner, I know the feeling of jubilation one has when crossing the finish line of a huge race. I cannot imagine having that marred by something so violent and so tragic. The Boston Marathon (and races in general) encompasses everything that is good about humanity, and to attack something like that is incomprehensible to me. It is easy to put my family in the place of the victims, and almost makes me want to tell Brian and the girls to stay home from my future races. At the same time, though, part of the indescribable feeling of accomplishing a running goal is sharing it with your family at the finish line, and it’s terrible that those who were sharing in their loved one’s glory have needlessly suffered for it.

With that being said, I, like many others throughout the country, ran last night for Boston. I got 5.5 miles down, but it was not my best run by any means. Every time I got tired, though, I reminded myself that I am lucky to be able to run. I have had those thoughts before while trying to talk myself through a run, but it takes on a whole new meaning after Monday. I always wave to people I pass while out on a run, but made extra sure to wave to those I passed yesterday. The thing about running is that there is solidarity among all runners, whether they are faster than you or slower than you, and nothing will take that away.

Anyway, back to workouts. It has been a weird few weeks for me in terms of working out because of all my races this month. The first week of April was a taper week for Cherry Blossom, then I had a normal week last week, then this week is a taper before Parkway Classic, and then next week will be a taper before Nike Women’s Half. It sort of feels like I am not pushing myself enough, even though I am logging workout time and shorter runs. Really, though, I guess I will have hit my long-run quota by the time NWM hits since I’ll have done two 10-milers. It just feels weird to not be on a schedule like I am used to. Hopefully it just means fresher legs on Sunday and next week!

I have been including more cross-training into my routine, so maybe that’s part of the reason I feel all crazy about my schedule. I decided to join the university’s rec centers, so now I have gym access whenever I want, which means lunch-time workouts! I think this will come in really handy when I start hard-core MCM training. I have taken spinning classes, and plan on taking some more classes, too. I’ve also been doing yoga and some strength-training. It’s been weird for me to not feel completely exhausted after workouts (like I do after runs), and I think this adds to my feeling that I am not pushing myself hard enough!



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2 responses to “Workout Wednesday

  1. I love how you feeling like you are not pushing yourself enough …. because you are running a race almost every weekend!!! You are so tough!

  2. Seriously….you are so tough!! I love that you have been adding new workouts to your routine. And it’s crazy how many taper weeks you have because you have so many races to prep for! Great job!!

    I am going to make a point to smile and give friendlier waves to other runners from here on out. That really stood out to me as a way to unite after such a senseless act that happened on Monday, Thanks for the reminder!

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