My Marine Corps Marathon 2013 Cause

Even though I already had a bib for MCM, I knew I wanted to run for a charity as well, because, why not? It’s always nice to see if you can raise a little money on behalf of a cause you support, and it’s even nicer when there’s no pressure to hit a fundraising minimum!

Marine Corps Marathon has a lot of charity partners, so picking the right one required some research and asking around. A lot of people directed me to Team Fisher House, in part because their race support is supposed to be amazing (and they give out cowbells to Team Fisher House supporters!). That grabbed my interest, so I started researching them even more.

What I found is that it would be hard to find a more perfect match for me. Fisher House is the military equivalent of Ronald McDonald House, and  Ronald McDonald House is my sorority’s official philanthropy effort. Also, I’m a military spouse, so it’s like a fusion of interests for me…see? Perfect!

To summarize, Fisher House provides free “homes” for military families to stay in while their loved one is recovering from injury or illness.  They currently have locations on the grounds of major military and VA hospitals, and have a few new locations slated for construction in the upcoming year. They also sponsor Scholarships for Military Children, the Hero Miles program, & Newman’s Own Award.

As part of a military family, I cannot imagine the emotional strain we would be under if Brian was injured in a hospital and we could not be with him. Can you imagine how Audrey and Caroline would react to not being able to see their daddy, especially when he needs them most? I get really sad just thinking about it, and for that reason, I am happy that organizations like Fisher House exist. Not only does it support the wounded soldier, but also his or her family/loved ones. Given the military-inspired nature of the Marine Corps Marathon, I cannot think of a more perfect opportunity to support Fisher House, and I hope you will join me! Please consider donating (no matter how small!) by clicking the button on the right of the blog.



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3 responses to “My Marine Corps Marathon 2013 Cause

  1. I think that IS the perfect cause for you to support…so great you found something that inspired you to fundraise towards. I will definitely be donating to you!!

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