A little more follow-up on Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

So, the other day I had the chance to really sit down at look at the data on this race (as captured by Map My Run). I can’t decide if I am encouraged or frustrated by it…maybe a little bit of both. Aside from the two times I walked for a little bit and the potty break, my times were great and right on track for my “2 hours or less” goal. That’s the encouraging part. The frustrating part is now I am constantly thinking “WHYYYYY did I walk those two times? Couldn’t I have pushed through?! I am a wimp!” That’s what happens when you are super competitive with yourself…

Split times:

1 mile: 8:57

2 miles: 8:21

3 miles: 8:57

4 miles: 8:46

5 miles: 9:11

6 miles: 9:05

7 miles: 10:00 (big hill)

8 miles: 9:16

9 miles: 8:43

10 miles: 10:32 (bathroom stop)

11 miles: 8:46

12 miles: 10:41

13 miles: 10:14

last 0.1-0.7 miles (according to MMR, I ran 13.67 which I’m sure is not completely accurate): 8:55

So, you can totally see that I fell apart in the last 2 miles. It is so frustrating to see because other than that, I was right on track! Nothing left to do but learn from it, I guess. Also, my knees still haven’t recovered fully, so I am using this to introduce cross-training with yoga, strength, etc (which I know I should be doing anyway). The knees will feel fine through a run or two, but then by the next day will hurt so badly! Last week I had a great 6.5 mile run on Friday and went out to run on Saturday and had a miserable, painful run and only got through 4.5 slow miles. I really need to be sure to take care of them if I want to succeed in my April races and then go on to MCM in October. At least the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler course is flat as a pancake, hopefully that will help both my knees and my time!

By the way, total elevation gain for this race was 295 feet.

Enjoy some final RnR pictures with what I suppose is my standard “I’m running and see a photographer!” face:

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6 responses to “A little more follow-up on Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

  1. Considering I usually run a 9-9:30 mile and run many less miles than you I am SO impressed by your times. I know we are our own worst critics but you did great, and I bet you’ll push yourself even more next time now that you know what to expect. Sorry about your knees though, struggling with my lame ankle I know how frustrating it is!!

    • I know, isn’t it insane? This was my FIRST half marathon, you’d think I’d be content just to have finished in a pretty decent time (really, 6 minutes over my goal…why am I disappointed in that?! haha)! I guess that competitveness is what keeps me running, though!

      Have you tried KT tape for your ankle? At the half marathon expo, KT Tape had a booth, and they taped up my ankle (because I roll my ankle when I run sometimes so it’s always a weak spot for me), and it worked SO well! I was going to have them tape up my knees too but I stupidly wore skinny jeans that day and couldn’t pull them up far enough!

      • I am just now seeing this! I am totally going to look into this KT tape! It’s been 3 weeks now and my ankle is still really bugging me. I probably didn’t give it enough time to heal…grrrr. Hopefully your knee is being nice to you these days. Injuries are the worst!

      • Yeah! Do it! I was sad because they aren’t going to be at the expo for my race this weekend, so it means I have to use the youtube instructions on their website, and do it myself ;)Hoping it really helps with me knee. I think after my April races, I will be going to a specialist to see what’s up.

  2. Cheryl

    Well I think you did AWESOME!!!!! And when are you coming out this summer?! I think we may be your way Labor Day weekend. šŸ™‚

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