Someone is THIRTY

Brian turned 30 (!) yesterday! He is the first of our group of friends here to do so, so he is paving the way for the rest of us! The day itself was pretty low-key, and we spent it as the four of us (with Thai food, princess balloons, and cupcakes), because we had our big celebration during St Paddy’s Day weekend.

I figured since our cousins were already going to be in town for the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon, we may as well celebrate him then. After the marathon, we grabbed dinner at National Harbor with a group of friends and then went to the piano bar down there, which is one of Brian’s favorite places. It also has a beer tower, so it seemed like a no-brainer! Then, on Sunday, it just so happened that the Buffalo Sabres (Brian’s team) were playing the Washington Capitals in DC, so we capped off the weekend with that!

Happy Birthday, old man šŸ™‚

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