St. Patrick’s Day 8K re-cap

Pacers had a busy weekend this weekend! On Saturday, they hosted the Four Courts Four Miler in Arlington (which Brian and our friend, Steve, participated in), and today was their St. Patrick’s Day 8K. Despite the fact that my race didn’t offer the Guinness-at-the-end incentive like Brian’s did, I  knew I would have a fun race because it’s the same course as the Jingle All the Way 8K, which I ran in December. The course is fast, and takes you through the heart of DC. You pass by the Capitol, monuments, Smithsonian museums, etc. You can’t really beat that view while running!

I didn’t have huge aspirations for this race other than to finish faster than I did in December. My other goal was to make sure I kept a steady pace instead of feeling like I needed to pass everyone.  That’s a huge weakness of mine; I hate seeing people pass me, and so I’ll try to pass them and then just wear myself out! Part of this goal was to also work on my race breathing, because I get so uptight about passing people that I forget to pace myself and actually breathe. Obviously when this happens, I end up not enjoying the race as much because I feel like I’m going to die. Plus, I have found that when I just relax and go at my own pace, I tend to go faster (I know, I’m sure everyone else knows this fact).

Anyway, the end result was that all of my goals were met! I did a pretty decent job at pacing myself accordingly, and the only teeny issue I had was tired legs during part of the race. I also had fun, and stopped more than once to fist bump little cheering toddlers along the course, or to wave to little girls who were waving at me. It was a little chilly this morning, but oh my gosh, it felt SO nice to run in a running skirt rather than tights (you cannot beat the Lululemon Pacesetter skirt! My absolute favorite!) The other nice thing about having run this course before was that the cruel surprise turn-around right before the finish line was not a surprise to me this time!

The end result of this race was a 42:43 total time with an 8:36 min/mile (though my Garmin said 8:30). This was way faster than my Jingle All The Way time! I shaved about 2:30 off that time, and about thirty or so seconds off my min/mile pace. I was 998th out of 3,782 total, and 312 out of 2,264 women. Totally proud of it!

Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures of my fun St. Paddy’s Day outfit, but it’s probably the same thing I’ll wear to the half next weekend. Also, I am determined to make it into some of the race pictures soon, and I think I may have done it this time…we’ll have to wait & see! At the finish line, I was sort of alone and I spotted the photographer with his camera ready and pointed, so I struck a little pose in hopes that it would be enough to get me a picture! 😉

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