February with our lovebugs

So it’s been a while since I posted (almost a month?) and even though I keep telling myself I need to update more often, I can never seem to sit down and do it. I especially need to work on this because by the time I do sit down to post, I can never actually remember everything that happened since the last time. Oops.

Anyway, I guess one of the things we’ve done since the last post was see MUMFORD & SONS in concert. Despite the fact that the first opening act was eh, and the transitions between sets was definitely eh, the concert itself was AMAZING. Mumford & Sons do a great job live, and I left wanting to scalp tickets to the next night’s show (which they had to add after the show we went to sold out so fast). Ah. Next time they are in DC, we will be going for sure.

Brian and I also spent a weekend at the Gaylord in National Harbor. It is a gorgeous hotel, and since we had an atrium room with our own little balcony, we were greeted with a view of the harbor. Unfortunately, we were also greeted by thousands of cheerleaders who were there for a cheerleading competition. Yikes, not really what Brian had in mind when he had planned this weekend! Regardless, it was nice to spend a lot of relaxed time together which is something that is pretty rare in our household these days and we got to move along at our own pace. Crazy concept. The cheerleaders did give us a lot of things to laugh at because seriously, it was like Jersey Shore in there. We both even got workouts in, and I fell in love with their treadmill…now if only we could afford one just like it! Brian sent me to the spa, too, for a nice, long, and very needed massage. It’s sort of a bummer that we no longer have this weekend to look forward to!

Audrey and I got to hang out with her Aunt Heather, too – definitely a rare treat that I wish we could have more often! All in all, February was a pretty good month, and I am definitely looking forward to some spring temperatures around the bend…



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