Love the Run You’re With 5K re-cap

This race was so much fun for Brian and me for so many reasons. First of all, it was a Valentine’s Day run, which means we got to run as a couple. We also had kind friends who watched the babies for us so that we could run this race together and without having to worry about the girls. This ended up being awesome, because the after-party was so fun & included a delicious brunch and karaoke (um, yes!)  Included in the registration fee was a free mimosa, Blood Mary, or draft beer at a sports bar after the race. If the girls were with us, we probably wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of these delicious drinks. Funny, I think the last time I drank this early in the morning was at Foxfield…

Enough about the after-party; let’s talk about the run itself! It was cooooooold, but at least it was sunny. I love running in the DC-area; I can’t get enough of having monuments as my markers (today was Pentagon & AF Memorial). As is pretty standard in the few races that Brian and I run together, we start together but then split so that each of us can go at our own pace. Obviously, I am training, so I want to really challenge myself and PR as much as possible, and Brian doesn’t want to hold me back from that. I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of the time I would get since the last 5K I ran was in mid-November (all the races since then were longer races), but I wanted to hit no higher than 27 minutes (I think my November 5k was in the 28 minute range). Despite a cruel hill (or two), I was able to finish in 25:37 – I was THRILLED, and I worked hard for that time. I finished in the top 20% overall (out of 1700+ competitors) and top 10% for women (out of 1083).

Brian also did such a great job. He finished with under a 10 min/mile pace; for someone who isn’t really training, that’s pretty good! He PRed, too, with a time of 30:03.

I have found throughout my relatively short running journey, that I LOVE the running community. I feel like everyone is so supportive, regardless of who is faster than whom, and regardless of how different everyone’s goals may be. I also really love that running endorphins are the same as post-birth endorphins, so I can get my adrenaline high this way, but without the sleepless nights, ha ha.

Next up for Brian is the Four Courts 4-Miler in March (a race that includes beer and a leprechaun chasing everyone), and for me is Pacers’ St Paddy’s Day 8k. And I can’t believe there is only a month left until the HALF MARATHON…

Team B!

Team B!

843 hearts 844

843 hearts 844


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