Brian is officially home again, though not without an adventurous last day.  His plane broke down which led to about a 2-2.5 hour delay, which, of course, was not fun to tell a three year old.  It wasn’t welcome news for me, either, because I’d about had it with the single parenting act after Audrey decided to decorate her walls during nap time (first time in 1.5 years; second time ever in her life).  I had his arrival planned perfectly, too – we’d eat dinner at the airport and wait for daddy who was due to arrive at 6pm.  This still happened, but he got in around 8:30pm this time, which was way past everyone’s bedtimes.  The girls surprised me, though, and were so good through the ordeal.  They loved watching the planes, and they were even given free ice cream sundaes at the TGI Friday’s at Reagan National (thank you, sweet waitress).  Maybe the extra sugar & the adrenaline helped, along with the fact that the terminals were SO empty so they had the run of the place.  Caroline and I spent a good amount of time “chasing” Audrey up and down the terminal, which Audrey thought looked like Rapunzel’s tower.

We are starting to get back into the “groove” of being back together, though I used quotation marks because I feel like I had more of a groove when I was alone!  I had to account for every single  minute, so my productivity levels were sky-high.  The house was so clean, everything was a routine & efficient, etc.  Now that we are back to a team of two adults, I’ve started letting go of some things and letting Brian do them.  As all wives know, husbands do things on their own timelines (and it usually doesn’t mesh with the wives’ timelines), so things are getting done but just at a different rate than before.  Totally fine – we (I) just need to get used to that again!

I feel like I was in a running funk for the week, and I think it started because I skipped my Sunday long run in order to spend more time with Brian.  Since the weekend, I’ve still hit 27 miles (not bad, I guess), but my running schedule was all over the place.  That is definitely not helping my routine at all!  I need to keep reminding myself that I should be even more productive (in terms of running, schoolwork, cleaning) when my back up is around, not less.

I have set a new running goal, though – Marine Corps Marathon (the FULL ONE) this October!

And please, oh, please let our 9-week SOS slot come AFTER Caroline is in the same school as Audrey!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the girls waiting for their daddy & their reunion!





Hi, Caroline!

Hi, Caroline!

Loving the planes

Loving the planes

Baby bottom

Baby bottom



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2 responses to “Home!

  1. Meg

    Baby Bottom picture cracks me up. Izzy does the same thing, and I think its just about the cutest thing ever! Congrats on making it through the month – I know how rough 2weeks can be, let alone 4! And I always let Everything slide until the night before he returns….

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