Whew! The Homestretch

We have finally reached the homestretch of Brian being gone. Weeeee! It has been quite the month, to the point where even if Brian were to be here, it still would have been a crazy month. Being a single mom & driving all over northern Virginia every single day (rain, shine, snow or ice) was tough, and while I think I kept a pretty good & (mostly) relaxed attitude about it, there were definitely days where I had had enough. I did the math and after this is said and done, I’ll have driven a total of 40 hours to get everyone where they need to go. Yikes! Audrey has DEFINITELY had enough; we are having more melt-downs than usual! Usually I am the patient one and can handle her relatively easily, but my tolerance level & diplomacy skills are almost depleted, so I’m ready for some back-up.

There is so much going on in our life right now (mostly on my end), that Brian being gone was just one extra hurdle to overcome. Work has been busy (start of the semester), grad classes have started up, I’m training for a half marathon (with the intention of doing a full sometime soonish), I have to make sure everyone is fed, clothed, happy, etc…I think having SO much to focus on has made this month go even faster and has, ironically, allowed me to keep some of my sanity. I have no time to stop and contemplate missing Brian or to feel sorry for myself–I have to keep plugging away! Thank goodness I have parents who helped when needed, and friends who helped me stay positive.

Some of the more specific challenges we faced were: random power outages, sick babies, late days at work, winter weather, and, most recently (aka: yesterday) a hit & run on my car in the university parking lot. I have a ton of parking lot-related dings which I’ve chalked up to normal everyday university life, BUT this was HUGE and I cannot believe someone just drove away. It’s been reported to insurance and I have a pending report through the campus police. Ahhh. Life. Hopefully this gets sorted out in a way where we don’t have to pay the deductible to get the car fixed (which means that whoever did it has to be caught).

In better news, training for the Rock N Roll series has been going so well. I am so excited for it and I’ve been doing better at training than I’d hoped. So far in January I’ve logged 95 miles (not bad for being alone all month, right?) and plan on doing 15-20 more in the next 3 days. And, as an unintended consequence, I am smaller than my pre-pregnancy size (hooray but also boo because I love my clothes and have to replace some), and I’m at a smaller size now than I have ever been in my life.

In summary: 4 MORE DAYS. Not that I’m counting or anything.


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