Changes and growth opportunities

So much to update on! I cannot believe time has moved so quickly since my last post right before Caroline’s birthday.

Since the last post, Caroline turned 1! She is cutting a ton of teeth right now and is slobbery and crabby, but still snuggly, hilarious, and adorable. She started walking on 12/14/12, and as of her 12 month well baby visit, she is around 25% for weight, and maybe 40th for height. Maybe? I can’t remember but it’s written down somewhere.

Audrey is a chatterbox who is really into princess dress-up these days. Every second of every day has to be spent in a princess dress (even at night while sleeping). Little diva! She is becoming so vocal and articulate and is so fun to hang out with.

I think I may have had the most going on out of the four of us over the last two months. I started a new position at work; it’s a really great career move, I think, and I get to work with a huge variety of people. It’s within the same academic college that I worked in before, but just a new position in a different program. It has been really challenging, but not too overwhelming…I am crediting that to the fact that I already knew the academic side of the job, so I’m not really learning a whole new position. I also already knew the people I’d be working with (or needing help from!), so that’s definitely helped my transition.

I’ve also really started to get into running. I technically started this summer because I knew that once Caroline hit 1, I was going to be done nursing her, and I needed something else to burn calories. I also knew that since I have two babies, my time for working out would be limited and running really is the most efficient way to burn those calories! Since fall started, I’ve started getting more and more serious about it and I run pretty frequently. I’ve done a bunch of races, am signed up for a 10-miler this spring and am contemplating a half marathon sometime this spring too.

I am also starting up grad classes again this semester. I have deviated from my Counseling degree (I was 10 credits in), and am now going to begin an MED in Early Childhood Education. It was between that and a degree in Higher Ed, and, long drawn-out story short, I think the right fit is Early Childhood Education. At this point, I am not looking to become licensed to teach, but who knows? That may change as time goes on.

Brian finished up his thesis this fall (FINALLY) and so he graduated from his Master’s program this month. HOORAY! He spent a few days at Ft Bragg and will spend an entire month in Colorado Springs. Does anyone have any extra wine they may want to send? 🙂

Anyway, that’s the Cliffs notes version of what’s been happening in our house lately. We all had such a fun Christmas filled with lots of friends, family & food, so I’ll post pictures soon!


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