Approaching the 1-year mark

I can’t believe my little baby Caroline is going to turn 1 on Friday. I didn’t start really thinking about it until this week (mostly because we’ve been so busy with fun activities this fall), but now it’s starting to hit me. When I thought about it yesterday, I was like, “Oh man, I’m not going to tear up at all this year!” but then this morning, as I had a few minutes alone with her (rare occasion these days), I started to get a little bit emotional. It is truly amazing how much babies change in the short span of a year. Celebrating Caroline’s birthday will be such a joyous time (because hey! We kept another newborn/infant alive for a whole year and this time it was while watching a toddler too!) but also so bittersweet because the time flies by so fast. I want to capture all of my favorite moments with her and re0-live them over & over. She really does live up to her middle name & has been such a joyful addition to our family (who is the main instigator of bathtub splash wars…)

We are working on talking with Caroline (she is really trying to have conversations these days) and Brian swears she has said “mama” around him before (usually on her way home from school with him when she is whiny and wants me), but yesterday she grabbed my face in her hands, looked at me and said SO clearly, “MAMA!” I almost cried right there. There are few things better than hearing that sweet little voice say your name.

Audrey’s also had her own stories these days. She is so in love with little Caroline & she cracks me up.  Caroline was fussy at dinner because she was so tired and I said something about, “Ugh, Caroline, I’m just going to put you down now!” and Audrey said (with her precocious toddler attitude), “no, she is NOT going to sleep right now!” and I said, “why not?” to which she replied, “Because I LOVE HER.” How could I resist that logic?


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