It’s been awhile

Whew! No posts during the month of September or the first half of October! We have been so busy in our house this past month! I’ll try and give the Cliffs notes version.

–Audrey turned 3 (!!!) in a haze of princesses, glitter and sparkles. Her birthday party was at Burke Lake Park where there was a train ride and a carousel. It was so much fun, and I cannot believe my oldest baby is THREE. She is 3 ft, 2 in tall & 31 pounds (give or take).

–Audrey started at a NEW SCHOOL. She is now going to the Child Development Center on campus with me. We are so happy there and have seen such a change in her already. Who knows whether or not that comes from a new school or from getting to spend more time with mommy, but we’ll take it either way.

–I was able to see so many influential people in September! Alice Walker, Jill Biden, Ray Odierno, President Obama (on livestream, but still, he was only a few buildings over! ;)) So amazing & inspiring.

–BRIAN FINISHED HIS THESIS…oh yeah, and got to go on a work trip to Hawaii. Life is tough for that one.

I think those are the major points from the month of September and hopefully I will be better at documenting the second half of October. It’s a busy 2-3 weeks for us, though, as we are counting down to our Bear’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!


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