Four years ago…

Today is our 4th anniversary, and, probably inspired by all the recent weddings we’ve attended recently, I spent the entire morning reminiscing about my favorite and most vivid moments from our own wedding. This has made my heart happy all morning long!

I decided to share some of them here, not only so those who blessed us with their presence on that day would be able to look back fondly (hopefully!), but also because documenting these will keep them fresh in my memory. So without further ado, here are the things I remember most:

–Our terrible make-up artist (who also doubled as a cat lady), my panic over it and our last minute savior, Leah.

–Brian and I going in for our confessions right before the rehearsal and the back-drop was Lauren practicing her song for the wedding. It was so hard not to get emotional!

–Our Buffalo food-themed rehearsal dinner with pizza, wings, pierogis, beef-on-weck, Canadian beer, sponge candy, Niagara wines, etc. Some of our friends are still talking about that night and how they ate so much they got cramps.

–The crazy two MOH and two best men drama at the church (“you can only have ONE of each…”)

–Mimosas with my best friends on the morning of the wedding where they encouraged me to go above & beyond the simple, classy mimosa-drinking and just chug from the champagne bottle. I  had to oblige, of course.

–The crazy shots that our photographer tried to get of my MOHs and me. Really, they were cheesy and impossible to achieve without dislocating a shoulder.

–Bringing out the chalk to get the dirt out of my dress right before the best limo driver ever (Carl) escorted all of his “angels” into the awesome Hummer limo.

–Stage pee! So aptly named by my bridesmaid, Nicole.

–I was so happy (and nervous!) walking down the aisle, and so touched when I saw Brian at the other end crying. I loved when he told me I was stunning after we got up to our seats.

–Lauren sang an amazing version of Vicky Beeching’s “Captivated” and I remember making eye contact with her while she was singing it. It was a special moment for me.

–It was really hot.

–Surprise bottom-tap by CAP cadets orchestrated by my new brother, Mark.

–The leopard-print wedding party having their photos done at the same place we had ours (oh my gosh, still laughing at that)…

–How after photos we were all starving and wanted to grab something to eat, so we stopped by a McDonald’s, but the hummer limo was way too big to go through the drive-through, so we all had to go inside. We got so many funny looks, but that was the best Coke I’d ever had.

–It was the opening weekend for UVA football (against USC, no less), so all of our college friends headed to Buffalo Wild Wing before the reception to watch. Even though we lost, we still had a huge rendition of the Good Ol’ Song at the reception.

–I loved our cake & flowers, but our DJ was TERRIBLE. Thank God our friends saved the day by making non-stop requests. Ace of Base two songs in a row? Yes, please.

–Brian got almost a full piece of cake fed to him in one bite. Oops. At least it was delicious.

–Never coming off the dance floor. Not once. In fact, I’m not sure anyone came off the dance floor.

–My new brother pulled me aside during the reception to officially welcome me to the family and to tell me, among other things, how he’s never seen Brian happier. He probably doesn’t remember it,  but I will always love that moment! I will totally cherish that forever.

–Trying to bribe the reception location to give us the room for longer because we had so much fun…one of the best men even tried negotiating a price. In the end, we just left afterwards and had an after-party at the hotel. SO much fun, except there was this weird male swim team there. The hotel even offered us their eating area for our party because we were being a bit to loud in the halls…and I’m pretty sure there was some kung-fu being demonstrated (terribly) by a few of us in the hall.

–Matt had to kick me out of the after-party because it was almost 2am (I think?).

–Our group trip to Niagara Falls the next day. So fun to show our out-of-town friends one of the attractions of the area (besides the food, of course) and to get to spend some extra time with them.

–How humbled and touched we both were to have had so many people travel to share that day with us. We found some quiet time together the next day to reflect in private and to open people’s notes to us. We both shed some tears because we felt so blessed.

–HOW MUCH FUN I HAD. Every little stressful detail just became so unimportant. I didn’t care if everything wasn’t perfect because it was such a blast.

And of course I have to end with the requisite mention of how grateful I am for how much we’ve shared together over the last four years (Two crazy kids? A cross-country move? That’s big stuff!) and how excited I am for the future. xoxo.

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  1. Cheryl

    Happy Anniversary! Great post – loved reading through it. 🙂

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