Silence in Labor

I read this blog post today from the Birth Works blog and loved it, so I a) wanted to share it and b) wanted to link it here so that I could find it for myself again later. It’s called “Silence In Labor” and it describes the importance of the environment in having a peaceful and beneficial labor for the baby. I really like how this post describes scientific reasons why this is important. Brian can tell you that despite completely different birthing environments, I was quiet as a mouse and in my own little world while in hard labor with both girls, so I found myself nodding my head while reading this. The last thing I wanted to do was talk to ANYONE and I was only “mean” to Brian once during my birthing times (to use my Hypnobabies language) and it was to tell him to “shut up” during my labor with Audrey because he just kept talking to me & would not stop!


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