Our “Brave” girl

This past weekend, I took Audrey to her FIRST MOVIE THEATER MOVIE EVER, Brave. I’d planned this in advance because our weekends are so booked this summer, and I invited my film connoisseur friend, Maria, along for the ride. Maria and Audrey are big fans of each other, and Maria’s also a big fan of films (& she’s famous! She made a cameo appearance in The Dark Knight), so the combination seemed perfect. Of course, The Dark Knight Rises shooting in CO happened two days before we had planned to see this movie, so I had to channel my own bravery to bring her to the movies.

I talked this up so much and she told her teachers and friends all week long that she was going to see a princess movie with mommy and Miss Maria! She was in awe of the theater. She just sat there staring at the screen while Maria and I tried to talk with her and explain things to her. Audrey was just like, “okay, whatever, I’m watching these things on this huge screen right now so please don’t bother me!” and we even got blown off by her with the “smile & nod” move a few times.

She was really into the movie itself but there were some scary parts (I had no idea it would be like that!). Unfortunately, they involved bears, which happen to be her current fear (she & Stephen Colbert would be BFFs). When it got really scary, I felt this light stroking on my arm and it was Audrey wanting to crawl into my lap. There were no teas from her though (can’t say the same about other kids in the movie); she just her intently stared at the screen the whole time with big wide eyes. After the movie, she took a few minutes to return to normal and wouldn’t really respond to anyone. She just wanted to be held and snuggle her head into my neck until we got to the car. I think part of it was being overwhelmed and shocked and another part was also because it was really bright outside after being in such a dark theater.

Our next stop was to Toys R Us to get her a Merida doll so we could commemorate her first movie experience! Of course she wouldn’t let us leave with just the doll itself; we had to get the Merida doll that came with the horse…I didn’t even want to fight her on that one! Audrey is in love with that doll and kisses her and strokes her hair and nuzzles her face. She totally talks to her like she’s Audrey’s baby. Brian has convinced her, though, that if we take Merida into A’s bedroom at nighttime that all of A’s friends are going to eat her…not nice! Audrey’s not scared of this though, but just matter-of-fact about it. I was bringing Merida into the bedroom before knowing what  Brian told her and was surprised when Audrey was so adamant that she stay in the living room. I asked why she didn’t want her in the bedroom and A replied, “I no want my friends to eat her!”

Audrey is completely talking up the movie now and asked me this morning if we were going to see it again this weekend. I said, “I thought you were afraid of the bears!” and she said, “No, I’m not afraid anymore!”

That’s our brave girl 🙂

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