Audrey strikes again

As if the diaper cream story wasn’t enough, little Miss Audrey had another instance of pure toddlerhood this week. Brian was driving them home from daycare (he does pick-up & drop-off because daycare is close to Ft Belvoir) and he was stopped at a stoplight. Audrey’s window was open a little bit (it’s her new thing), and she threw her sticker out of the car. B says, “Audrey, we can’t throw things out the window!” and her response is to take her hair clip and gleefully toss it overboard, just out of curiosity (because trusting mom & dad isn’t her strong suit these days). Because he’s at a stoplight, B is able to get out & pick up the clip, so he does. At first I laughed and said he was a much better person than me because I wouldn’t have even bothered…and then I found out that it was one of her GOOD hair clips (Gymboree hair clip vs. grocery store hair clip) and I amended my response to “Thank God because I would have been mad if we’d lost that!” I wonder if Brian ever envisioned his life like this: stopping in traffic in full military uniform to pick up a sparkly heart hair clip. Ha…the love of a daddy knows no bounds 😉

Caroline’s now clapping like a fiend! She started when we were at my cousin’s wedding (Jul 7) and is doing it constantly now. I can’t believe how big she’s getting; she is not my little newborn anymore. In another discovery, we found out that Audrey deals with physical pain in a very similar way to me. Many times when she gets hurt, she will show no reaction, & will quietly go off by herself. She won’t always cry, which is interesting because this is how I deal with pain (hence why my labors are so quiet). It is constantly enlightening & humbling to see your children develop characteristics that come straight from you.


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