Two Comedians

I keep telling myself I need to write a blog post but I never find myself having anything revolutionary or unique to say. Usually I will think of something I have a major opinion on sometime during the week and tell myself “Oh, you should blog about that” (and then never do), but lately, I haven’t even had that desire. There is nothing too new & exciting going on for us now, though that isn’t to say we aren’t having a lot of fun these days. It is pretty impossible to have a miserable time when you have a crazy toddler who loves laughing and playing and tickling and imagination.

Caroline hit 7 months old this week & she is such a chub. I am so in love with her that I can’t even describe it & I really cherish my Care-Bear snuggles. She’s definitely turning into a mommy’s girl lately and I am not complaining! She is doing so well with her sleeping and she’s so consistently happy now. She loves her solid foods (still) and is so close to sturdily sitting up on her own. She can more or less sit up on her own now, but I still feel like she’s a little bit of a Weeble Wobble.  She’s also a chatterbox who loves to mock her sister. Audrey was throwing a tantrum one day and Caroline just stared at her and started shrieking at the same pitch as Audrey (with the same breaks in shrieking as her) and then she’d just laugh & laugh & laugh. B & I were dying. Funniest thing ever.

Audrey’s imagination has been running wild these days and it’s so fun to hear what comes out of her mouth. She’s SO funny and it’s hilarious to teach her things and then to hear what she picks up from us. Yesterday, B went downstairs to grab a beer or something and was taking a long time, so I told Audrey to say, “Stop picking your nose, Daddy!” when he came back up. She thought it was the funniest thing I’ve ever requested, and she was like, “Daddy gonna say “whaaaaaaaaaaat?'” (because whenever she says something silly to him, he says, “WHAAAAT?”). I just loved that she knew that about Brian and I LOVED that when he came upstairs, she actually told him to stop picking his nose. He starts cracking up because he has no idea where that came from and that caused me & Audrey to laugh until we cried, too. Toddlers are the greatest!

Things we have done lately include seeing Elmo and USO’s production of Sesame Street Live at Bolling AFB (of course Audrey LOVED it), meeting 2-week old kittens, & a UVA baseball game (which A is still talking about…last night, out of nowhere, we heard her yell “BASEBALL!” from her room when she was supposed to be sleeping). Swim classes for both girls start this month and I’m interested to see how Caroline takes to the water!


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