Sweet 6 months & Take Your Daughter to Work

Yesterday was quite the busy day for the girls in the family! It was Take Your Daughter to Work day so Audrey accompanied me in the morning and we had a great time. Caroline also happened to turn 6 months old yesterday (!!!!!!) and so I took her for her 6-month appointment and shots in the afternoon.

We’ll start with Audrey’s and my adventure in the morning. It was so much fun to bring her in & of course she was spoiled rotten. She was sugared up and given lots of little trinkets (crayons & a coloring book from one of my coworkers and then tons and tons of bead necklaces and a tiara from some of the academic programs I work with). I got the bare minimum amount of work done and then the rest of the time was spent doing fun things like escorting her around campus. She had a few other little friends to play with as well, and she was so tired by the time we got to the car that she fell asleep before we even got to school. Of course, we couldn’t take our beads off when we sat in our car seat so I think I spent a good 5 minutes trying to buckle around them!

Once we got to daycare, I swapped Audrey out for Caroline & off we went to her 6-month appointment. She is such a little chubby snuggle bear. I just can’t get enough of her! Stats are:

15 lbs, 5 oz (52nd percentile!)

25 1/4 in tall (47th percentile)

16.3 in head circumference (32nd percentile)

Let me just say that I cannot believe we have a child in the 52nd percentile for weight! It is so crazy to me since Audrey never hit that. I love all of Caroline’s little chubby rolls, and the doctor says she is right on track with weight vs. height, so at least her chub isn’t TOO chubby! She seemed to take her shots a little bit tougher than she did previously but it resulted in lots of nice snuggles at home afterwards (but a little longer to get her settled in for the night).

Here are the pics of the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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4 responses to “Sweet 6 months & Take Your Daughter to Work

  1. Awww I love the pics! What cuties! Miss you!

  2. Oh my, I can’t get over Audrey asleep with all her beads – SO freaking cute!
    And where did you find the slide-show option??

  3. Cheryl

    Sounds like fun! Love the pics, especially Audrey asleep with her beads!

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