Sweet Audrey

I feel like a lot of this blog has been dedicated to Caroline lately, so here is a glimpse into our night yesterday with our crazy toddler. I definitely don’t want to forget this (because it is HILARIOUS), so here you go!

Something sweet:

As we were putting her to bed, she looks at me & says, “I wanna do your hair!” So I let her and she says “OOOOH, I like (yike) your hair!” and then she goes on to say, “You’re pretty, mommy, you’re pretty!” So sweet. Clearly we tell her that she is pretty very often 🙂

Something funny:

After we had done our bedtime routine & she was tucked in, I thought she had fallen asleep because after her usual bedtime chattering to her “friends,” she’d been quiet for awhile.  I started to hear her whine (which isn’t unusual) and I chalked it up to her just trying to trick me into going in there (she is a PRO at trying to push back bedtime). Eventually it got to the point where I was so annoyed with listening to the whining that I went in and said, “Yes, Audrey?” to which she replied “Daddy’s funny!” and then she laid back down. That was all she wanted to tell me and apparently it was a VERY pressing issue! I left the room completely bewildered thinking, “Wait, what!? What just happened?”

PS: look how often I’ve blogged this week! Chalk it up to a slow week at work…


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