Welcome home, Discovery

Just like the rest of the DC area, my colleagues & I eagerly awaited the arrival of the Discovery space shuttle today.  My boss is really into space & obviously we are a space-oriented family, so between the two of us, we were really invested in making sure we saw SOMETHING.  The university campus is pretty close to Dulles, so we really hoped that we’d get to see it flying above us en route to Udvar-Hazy. Armed with our iPhones (for Twitter updates, of course) & our cameras, we ventured out a little before 10am and kept watch. Every plane that flew by us was followed by, “OMG, could this be it?!” and then a disappointed sigh when we realized it wasn’t. About thirty minutes into standing outside, we began seeing tons and tons of planes flying around us. A quick scan of Twitter showed that it must have been all of the planes being allowed to take off again from Reagan. We knew that this meant the DC fly-over had to be over and that we should start being on a serious lookout. After a few minutes of nothing (and no Twitter updates), we started feeling pretty discouraged until we heard someone shriek “THERE IT IS!” and lo & behold, there it was. It was SO obvious that we all felt like idiots for even entertaining the idea that another plane could have been it! It was an absolutely amazing sight but the whole time I kept feeling so badly for Brian who had to watch from inside. It seems like all of the people who deserve to see it flying over the skies in person are the ones who are stuck watching from their super-secret spacey buildings!

Anyway, here are some pictures! FYI: I don’t think you’ll really be able to see the full effect of them unless you click for the full-sized image.

I love DC.


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  1. That’s really cool! You got to be a part of history! That’s for the pictures!

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