Life has been oh-so-hectic lately with our big move to the new house. Our normal everyday lives are always sort of crazy and chaotic these days but combine that with a big move and there is little time for relaxing! I’ve also been so busy at work because of our April 1 deadline that I haven’t even been able to sneak away to post an update during the normal 9-5 hours until now.

As I mentioned, we are now in our new house! Hooray! We LOVE it so far. The layout is perfect for our family and the neighborhood is beautiful, quiet and family-oriented. It will be such a great place for the girls to grow up. Audrey’s already made some new little friends! The house is a little dated in some aspects (hello, yellow bathroom), but with our stuff in it and the small aesthetic changes we’ve made so far (and have planned), I really love it. In fact, I not only tolerate the yellow bathroom now, I actually LIKE it. I plan on posting pictures once everything is moved in & officially settled. We still have the old house until the end of the month, so we need to keep making pushes to clear everything out of it but it’s hard to feel motivated to do that now that we are living in the new one! Thank God we are in the homestretch, though.

Our girls have been fabulous during this whole thing. Caroline is starting to sleep now (omg!) which has done wonders for everyone’s patience and attitude. The catalyst was last week when she woke up every two hours, even snuggled in bed with us–that’s like NEWBORN sleep and this child is 5.5 months old. Unacceptable, ha ha.  That made us decide to try her own room and to unswaddle her. I think that might have done the trick because her sleeping has improved so much (and so has ours!). I have been so proud of her because she’s now going down around 7:30pm so that means B & I get our evenings back and we get a decent amount of sleep before her middle of the night wake-up (s). On Monday night, she slept for an 8 hour stretch, got up to eat, and then slept 3 more hours!  She’s also been a much happier baby, so now I know she was just over-tired before and that this was the right decision. I won’t  lie either–I am sort of happy that we ditched the swaddle so easily this time because it was a big struggle with Audrey.

Random sidenote about struggling to break Audrey of bad baby habits, but while I was packing up her room for the move, I found one of her old pacifiers that we had cut up while we were in the process of weaning her off it…it made me laugh a little bit because that process was so funny and a cut-up Nuk looks sort of hilarious. B & I couldn’t help but laugh every night when we chopped off a little bit more of that silicone pacifier and then seeing her reaction when she went to suck on it. I am smirking a little just thinking about it now…

Speaking of Audrey, in true Audrey fashion, she is so much fun. She is hilarious and loves her little sister like crazy.  I constantly catch her nuzzling Caroline, and I always see Caroline trying to stare and smile at Audrey. If Audrey isn’t paying attention to her, Caroline will actively try to catch her attention. Caroline does all kinds of crazy stretches just trying to keep her eyes on her fast-moving sister.  Sweetest thing ever! Despite Audrey’s angelic exterior, though, she is so amazing at tantrum-throwing lately and she is a little Miss Bossy-Pants. It’s a special talent, I’m convinced of it…she must get the tantrums from Daddy (just kidding, Bri;)) and the bossiness/feistiness from me (she is seriously a little mini-me). It’s sort of impressive, funny, depressing, infuriating and frustrating all at the same time, but it’s reassuring to know that it’s just her age and so normal and healthy for her to be acting like this.

Audrey made her first Easter egg this week at school and she was so proud of it! She refused to put it down. It is so much fun to see how proud she is of herself when she does things for the first time and I love being able to witness all of this! I am currently trying to grow her bangs out and she is adverse to actually keeping her ponytail/pigtails in, so she’s looking a bit shaggy these days, but here is a picture of her with her Easter egg! Sorry it’s so blurry–she is always on the move!


On a personal note, I just slipped comfortably into my pre-pregnancy SKINNY work trousers today. Yessssss.

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