Audrey’s big day

We have been in the process of potty training (the best we know how!) Audrey & she is not scared to use the potty at all (or to flush lots of things down it),  but she will ONLY go #1 in the toilet…that is, UNTIL YESTERDAY! She finally went #2 in the potty and we could not be prouder (sidenote: I cannot believe I am blogging about this). It feels like the major hurdle of potty training is over now that she is not scared to go #2. We are contemplating a potty training bootcamp weekend after we are settled in the new house just to finish the job. AHHH, so proud. She was SO proud of herself too & kept saying “I get m&ms!”. Yup, bribery works.  She also keeps talking about how she gets to wear her princess underwear now…we’ve been telling her that she can only wear her Tangled underwear once she does EVERYTHING on the potty. Princesses and m&ms are definitely the way to bribe a two & a half year old girl (and, dare I say, some 27 year old women as well)!

And then later in the day, she was running in from playing outside and fell into the toilet soaking her shirt. Ah, toddlerhood’s adventures.

Doesn’t she look like such a big girl in the picture? I can’t believe how fast she is growing and how different she is even from when Caroline was born.


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  1. I have decided potty training has been the hardest thing thus far. Willa does really good most days and the other day she just doesn’t care no matter. But if we are out and about she is a rockstar. Darn kids, too smart.

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