A great Friday!

Just for kicks, I decided to try on some of my pre-pregnancy jeans today. I am about 10 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight (HUGE accomplishment since I gained 45) but am slowly eliminating all of my bigger clothes from my wardrobe. It feels so great! Anyway, I decided to try them on & some of them FIT. Granted, they do not fit as comfortably as they used to but I was so happy to have them button without a muffin top. I’m currently wearing my favorite pair right now! These are on the bigger end of my skinny, pre-pregnancy jeans spectrum (though still regularly in my clothing rotation right before getting pregnant with C) but I am still counting this as a victory. I think I’m losing weight faster this time around with Audrey and I’m counting on losing that last 10 pounds by summer (June). Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself!

Aside from pumping/nursing, I’m not doing anything to lose this weight. I try (sometimes) to watch what I eat but I also indulge in a lot of things too. Granted, it is not just melting off (I just had a month and a half long plateau where the scale did not move AT ALL), but the scale is generally moving in the right direction. I’m pleasantly surprised by how this is going because I didn’t actually lose all of my pregnancy weight with Audrey until after weaning her (which was over a year after her birth).

(I say all of this as I just finished a footlong turkey sub from Subway…the irony. But hey, I burn between 800-1000 calories a day by breastfeeding/pumping (I pumped 50oz yesterday!), so I’m not going to feel too badly.)


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