Caroline’s Special Day

This past weekend was Caroline’s Baptism day. I have to admit, part of me dreaded it because it meant lots of preparation on very little sleep/energy/time. However, I let myself be a little lazy this time around and ended up just buying most of the food. I am a firm believer that some things are just worth spending money on & I think sanity is one of them. Between that & help from family, things were as stress-free as possible!

It was nice to have an opportunity to celebrate Caroline with family & friends. Despite her lack of desire to sleep normally, she is such a sweet little baby who love love loves to snuggle and she deserves her own celebration! Audrey usually steals the spotlight, so I was happy that this was Caroline’s occasion (even though Audrey was very much present ;)). As a new mom (am I still a new mom?), I love Baptisms more now than I did before having kids because they remind me of the true power, responsibility & honor that we have been given as parents to be responsible for raising a new little life.

Caroline did such a great job & didn’t cry at all. I was so proud of her! Everyone else placed bets on the fact that she would cry, but I held out and said, “Nope, I think she will surprise you all!” and she did. That’s my girl! She was so curious the entire time & just watched everything. Audrey even decided to give her own play-by-play of the Baptism by saying things like, “That water?” and “He touching water!” So funny.

We are very blessed to be the parents of such two beautiful little girls and to have family/friends that love them so much! I LOVE watching everyone interact with Audrey & Caroline because the amount of love our family & friends have for them is so evident. A & C are definitely going to be surrounded by people who have amazing influences on their lives and we couldn’t  be more grateful.

Here is a picture of Caroline all tuckered out after her big day (courtesy of Mark Busch):


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