Waiting & weight (and other health stuff)

Despite my best efforts, in each of my last two pregnancies, I gained an obscene (in my mind) amount of weight…45 lbs! This was despite constant exercise (daily walks/runs of 4-5 miles) and pretty healthy eating. I started at the exact same weight both times and ended at the exact same weight (to the pound) each time. I will just take this to mean that despite it being a little higher than the “normal” pregnancy gain, it must have been what my body needed. However, seeing that number on the scale is horrifying and getting back down to normal pre-pregnancy weight really sucks especially because it seems to involve a lot of waiting for the body to get back to normal. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not patient and I do miss my skinny girl clothes.

Sidenote: this is part of the reason I do not understand why people don’t breastfeed if they are able! It is best for baby AND BURNS A BILLION CALORIES (20 calories per ounce)! I mean, if you don’t love nursing or pumping, don’t you love burning calories by doing nothing? I do. I did the math once and I burn about 800-900 calories from nursing/pumping on a normal day. INSANE. This is a good thing since I have zero time, energy or desire to commit to the treadmill at this point in my life.

Anyway,  I regress. Out of the 45 lbs I gained with Caroline, I’ve lost a little over 30 lbs of it. Right now I’m at a plateau (no weight loss since Valentine’s Day, ew) and I’m getting so frustrated! I mean, if I’m honest with myself, I haven’t really been watching what I eat lately, either.  Hopefully I break through that physical & mental plateau soon because I am determined to be at pre-pregnancy weight by May or June, so right now I need to re-focus and hope that it continues to fall off in a healthy and consistent manner. Unfortunately with Audrey, I only lost that last 5 pounds of pregnancy weight after weaning her (which I know is normal), but hopefully this time is different and I can lose it all in the next 2-3 months.

I should be okay once I get out of the mentality that because I’m burning lots of calories by doing nothing that I can eat as much dark chocolate with sea salt as I want (false). Such a weird thing because I never had that issue before but now I do! Sleep deprivation = no self control.

Another thing I am pushing myself to do is to remain healthy in other areas even though it means doing things I hate doing (aka: running all over creation and missing work). Today was a dentist appointment and a dermatologist appointment for a skin scan. I am so paranoid about skin cancer, especially because I had a few bad burns when I was younger and I know how deadly (and yet preventable) it can be. This was my first ever dermatologist (rather than physician) skin scan and I was so nervous! My usually low BP was so high. Luckily everything is normal so poor Brian won’t have to hear about my “cancer” anymore (that’s my nickname for this mole on my back that I’m extra paranoid about). So on the up-side, I am skin cancer-free BUT not cavity-free…doh! My first cavity in 8 or so years…

I’m off the chopping block in today’s doctor appts & next up is poor Caroline and her 4-month shots this afternoon. Fingers crossed that she does a good job like last time. I can’t wait to see how chubby she is these days!


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