Housekeeping & Simplification

My friend, Samantha, talks a lot about simplification & decluttering over on her blog and it’s something that I have been slowly trying to incorporate into my own life. It is one of my goals for 2012 (along with about a billion other things but I haven’t had time to blog all of those out yet). I’ve been taking small steps (purging clothes, unused items, etc every few months) but I think it’s time to really get gung-ho about this simplification process. Maybe part of my reason for feeling this way is that our house is just full of SO MUCH BABY STUFF that I can’t walk without stepping on something so I feel like I need to overcompensate with the rest of my life…

Right now our house is just beyond hope in terms of any massive decluttering project simply because of the lack of (aka: zero) storage space. Things are just piled up too much to really be able to sort through. Plus, in all honesty, a huge amount of it is Brian’s stuff (sorry, Brian) which at one point I was too afraid to throw away, but not anymore! Now I will take matters into my own hands!

I am really anxious to move just so we can start fresh with only things that are worth bringing to the new house. We didn’t purge anything when we moved from Montana simply because we didn’t pack the majority of our house ourselves and we got more money based on how much weight we moved. This time will be much different since the Air Force isn’t paying us to move & we have to do the dirty work ourselves!

However, in my mind, simplification is not just about getting rid of material things but rather getting rid of anything that I feel is holding me back or causing me to focus on unimportant things. Anything causing undue stress or drama has just got to go. Moving into a new house this spring offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of some physical stuff but now I have to tackle the things causing emotional/mental clutter.

Simplifying/decluttering our physical life is easy (well, sort of. I have a lot of clothes, bags, etc), compared to the real challenge of  simplifying the other aspects of our lives. Something I really want to do is get rid of anything that I feel is toxic to my happiness or well-being, or to that of my family. For example, a lot of times I flirt with the idea of getting rid of Facebook because it fosters a lot of feelings in me that I just don’t want to have or to focus on. I’ve gotten a lot better about shrugging those things off but there are still times when stupid things get to me. Why not just eliminate those things all together? Sometimes Facebook makes me feel like I have to compete with others or it will make me feel inferior if, for example, I see someone consistently say “I love you!” or some sweet sentiment on one person’s wall but not on mine. Also, there are a lot of times when I feel like my “friends” should not have free reign to see what’s going on with me or Brian or the babies. If they want to know, they should know by contacting us, not by stalking us. On that same token, though, I like stalking people too and what would I ever do without FB when work got slow?!

Sort of along the same lines as the FB thing are things like toxic relationships or relationships that bring nothing of value to my life or relationships with those who don’t reciprocate my friendship/effort. Now that I have TWO children and am working full-time, my time is even more limited than it was before. I don’t want to spend that time with someone who stresses me out but adds nothing to my life. I don’t mean for it to sound harsh but it’s just the way it is. Also, life is just way too busy for me to be caught up in any drama outside of the normal “omg, mom, you are ruining my life” toddler drama that comes when Audrey doesn’t get her way (yes, we are already ruining her life at least once daily). I’m going to try to avoid drama and gossiping about it because getting caught up in it and emotionally involved is just way too exhausting and it never makes me feel good afterwards. Unfortunately there is a source of constant drama in my life that I don’t think I will ever fully escape from but I can at least try to minimize my involvement or participation in it.

The point of this long post was to basically say that I just want to get rid of anything that takes away from me spending and enjoying time with my beautiful girls. Time to hunker down & focus on what’s important; anything else isn’t worth the effort.


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  1. I’m with you. My resolution for two years in a row has been all about taking care of myself, and this kind of simplification and purging of negative forces is key this year!

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