Has it seriously been almost a month since my last post?

For obvious reasons, it”s been hard to get myself to sit down & write an update. Whenever I have a free minute with two hands, there are about a billion other things I want to be doing…well, maybe not WANT to be doing but NEED to be doing (dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc).

Caroline is so beautiful and such a blessing. She is a HUGE cuddler, though, so it’s impossible to get anything done when home alone with her. I’m always trapped on the couch w/ her…I know it sounds awesome to be able to relax & do nothing but watch TV all day, but it gets REALLY old, especially when I usually have maybe 10 minutes a day with both hands free. That means I often face the very tough choice of deciding whether I want to eat or whether I want to shower because God forbid I get to do both! Ha ha.

Sidenote: as if to prove my point, I started this blog entry yesterday morning but then got pulled away by C and am now just sitting down to (attempt to) finish it. Maybe someday I’ll actually post about our holidays and visitors from this past month…no guarantees.

While having a toddler and a newborn comes with a lot more stress, it’s hard for me to remember that at the moment because…CAROLINE STARTED SMILING TODAY! I had been catching a few smiles from around 3-4 weeks on, but wasn’t sure if they were legit social smiles (though they seemed to be to me), but today there was no question that she was giving me REAL smiles!

Here is a super grainy iPhone photo (sorry, I had to be QUICK to catch them!):


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