Caroline’s first week & a half at home

First of all, I have to say that recovery this time around has seemed like a breeze. Seriously, it’s been SO easy. I left the birth center feeling like I had just had a really intense workout but nothing more exhausting than that. I was pretty much ready to be back to normal within 2-3 days afterwards. I was actually ready before that, but was banished to the couch whenever I tried to do anything helpful 😉 I feel like I could get back on the treadmill at any time and that I could easily go to work (if I wanted to emotionally, anyway).

Caroline has been so great in her first week home. We have started calling her either “Squeaker” or “Beaker” (after the Muppets character) because she makes hilarious squeaking noises constantly. She doesn’t cry that much and she is a fantastic nurser. She was actually back at birth weight by day 5 which is something that doesn’t usually happen until 2 weeks old. She has been much more low-key than Audrey was…then again, Audrey was forced out early, didn’t latch well & had horrible jaundice. Any baby would have a tougher time with all of those factors! She’s also a really great sleeper so far. We’ll all usually settle into bed around 10:30-11pm and she’ll sleep until around 2. She’ll nurse, then we’ll all go back to sleep until 5:30-6am when she’ll nurse again. Then we doze off until it’s time to get Audrey ready for daycare.

Audrey has been a great older sister, too. She’s had her moments of being difficult, but it’s hard to tell whether that’s just her being two or her adjusting to Caroline. She has always been so loving towards Caroline, though, and is so interested in her. She loves helping Daddy with “baby diaper change.” Our only complaint thus far is that it takes FOREVER to do things with two babies!

Here are some Caroline pictures:


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One response to “Caroline’s first week & a half at home

  1. She’s so sweet! I’m so glad ya’ll are doing well…although I am jealous Audrey’s still going to daycare – I never seem to get time with just Izzy right now! Although they are on the same afternoon nap schedule, so I probably should just shut up on that right now.

    Isn’t crazy how the second time seems easier? Even having had to have a second CSection, I was just ready to get up and go way before they would let me. And the recovery was even faster.

    Can’t wait till next year when we can do playdates!

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