Officially overdue.

This was not a phrase I wanted to utter! I had hoped to have Caroline sometime in the 39th week because it seemed like a nice compromise between having her too early (like Audrey) and having her past her due date. I know due dates are just estimates but oh man, it is hard to blow right by it with no sign of baby. I think the hardest thing for me has been logistical planning. All of my maternity leave is planned around this specific due date, and now I have to re-work everything! Totally stressful, especially to be basing decisions on only an estimate of her arrival. Without getting into too many details, state maternity leave policies are complicated and do require a LOT of advance planning in order to get the maximum amount of pay (which is still a minimal amount of money). I am trying to keep my spirits up because I know that being miserable will only make the next week or two go by even slower than it already is…poor Brian gets a huge load of emotional outbursts from me, though. Yikes!

We have had a less than encouraging last two appointments (in my perfectionist mind anyway). I had hoped to go in and hear things like, “You will have her any time!” but no such guarantees were given. At yesterday’s appointment, the midwife said she didn’t think I’d make it to 41 weeks, but I know not to give that statement too much credibility & I am trying not to get my hopes up!

At our 39 week appointment, we were told that she was in posterior position which is not an ideal position for birth because it leads to back labor, longer labor, etc. Of course the Type A in me panicked about that. It seems like she has turned since then thanks to LOTS of hard and proactive work on my end, so phew. Then at yesterday’s appointment, she was measuring small. She had hit a slowdown in her growth in the previous appointment or two, but this time she went from measuring at 37 to a 34-35. This could have been because she dropped, but the midwife also mentioned that it could mean the amniotic fluid was starting to become low, so she told us we could go in for our post-date ultrasound early if we wanted or we could wait until Halloween when it was originally scheduled. Of course we decided to go in early just to give us peace of mind.

Today was that appointment and Caroline is measuring on the smaller side. Fluid, blood flow & her biophysical profile all looked great, so the midwives aren’t worrying too much about it and we’re not changing any birth plans…especially in light of the fact that this same thing happened with Audrey. Caroline is measuring at a gestational age of 38 weeks, but what really “worried” the ultrasound tech was that her stomach measured 35 weeks. However, there is no sign of distress, so that’s why no one is super concerned. Estimated weight as of now is 6lbs, 12oz. Brian and I just grow smaller babies than some people, apparently!

Anyway, everyday we tell Caroline that it’s okay for her to come out and that we are ready and excited to meet her! We’ve even taken to listening to “Sweet Caroline” over the last week and dancing around w/ Audrey to it. Hopefully she gets the memo & comes ASAP!

40 week picture:



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2 responses to “Officially overdue.

  1. I hope you get to meet her soon. Keep singing and she will want to come out and play. Hang in there.

  2. Kimmi

    Congratulations, Liz!!!! So happy for y’all 🙂

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